Roon skips all tracks in playlist

Hello since I have uninstalled jplay, Roon seems having issue at playing playlist, indeed when I click “play all” roon skips every track till the end of the playlist playing none of them. Can you help me? Forgive my bad english :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

Hi Sam,

I suggest rebooting the computer that is running the Roon (Core) and also making sure that the correct audio zone is selected.

Give that try and get back to us.

Thanks a lot, unfortunately I discovered that it’s not Roon installation the problem since I got the same issue with jriver (installed the trial version), while using Muso it seems going fine… Thanks again!

I found out that even uninstalling IFI micro idsd and using just on board sound card the problem persists… Please anyone has an idea about this wired issues :)? [not dependent by any software, as far I know] Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Hi Sam,

What OS are you using ? The behaviour you describe can occur when relevant codecs are missing.

Hi, thank you for your kind reply, I am using Windows 10 pro Anniversary Update, 64 bit, GTX 1080 updated drivers, IFI micro idsd (not used now, same issue anyway), audio players used: Roon, HQpayer, Jriver 22, it seems to me that everything started after having installed/uninstalled jplay, but I could be wrong… Thank again!

I would suggest either reinstalling Windows 10 or taking a backup, creating a restore point and installing a codec pack like K-Lite.

Thanks a lot, indeed I suspected I had to reinstall windows 10 :frowning:

Thanks again!