Roon skips every track when casting to chromecast

Whenever I try to cast to a chromecast (I have 2 and get same behavior on both) it just skips past all of the tracks and won’t play anything. I checked the log and get a few lines of errors seen below
“”, “payloadUtf8”: “{“requestId”:290,“type”:“INVALID_REQUEST”,“reason”:“INVALID_MEDIA_SESSION_ID”}” }
02/05 18:59:01 Warn: [zone Family Room TV] Track Stopped Due to Error

I am running roon server on a windows server 2016 VM. I did have to open some ports on the windows firewall to get everything working. I can’t remember if it was for roon arc and regular roon or just roon arc but I had to find the ports to open in a random post on here i believe. I am wondering if I need to do the same for chromecast devices. I can provide more of the log if needed.

@donfrenchiano, do you have the same issue if you try casting to either Chromecast from a Chrome browser in your Windows VM? If so, then it may indicate a network issue and something not specific to your Roon Core.

@Robert_F I can cast from chrome from the VM fine. This seems specific to roon/chromecast

So I was able to get this working. I had to make an outgoing firewall rule windows to open tcp ports 8008 and 8009.

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Interesting fix Daryl, glad you are running again. How did you decide on these ports?

This post specifically mentions these ports for Chromecast.

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