Roon skips forward on Tidal track when I fast forward past 50%


I seem to have a similar issue to

I am using the Roon Remote on an iPad Air 2. Most up to date Roon version which is 1.6 Build 401.

I have Roon Core running on an i7 Nuc with the ROCK OS installed. Playback occurs on a Moon Ace receiver which is also running up to date software. All devices are hard wired on ethernet, except for the iPad remote. So i7 NUC ROCK -> Ethernet -> Apple Router -> Ethernet -> Moon Ace.

I find that Tidal tracks will consistently skip to the next song when I try to jump past 50%. I have Tidal set to Master quality, and the tracks I’m currently toying with are Tidal AAC 24bit. I have DSP configured on my Ace signal path.

I enabled a PCH HDMI audio channel on my NUC for testing, and the same issue occurs.

This issue does not happen on local tracks, which I have stored on a Synology NAS. The files on my NAS are WAV files.

I read that one guy solved this by rebooting a router. I have an Apple Router, and I am connected to 200mbps fiber. I could start rebooting system components but before I do so want to see if there’s any additional debug info I can provide.

Video found here:

Video URL if embed not working

Hi @Lucas_Vickers,

Does this only occur with TIDAL AAC content?

If you temporarily disable DSP does the same behavior occur?


Apologies for the delay, busy week.

I confirmed that DSP does not affect the behavior.
I currently only see the behavior with Tidal AAC. Tidal FLAC seems fine.

Hi @Lucas_Vickers,

Thanks for the update! We currently have a ticket open with our team regarding this behavior. I can’t provide any specific timeframes for this, but we will be sure to keep you updated when new information is available.

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