Roon skips songs and then stops after ~3 seconds

Core Machine

Win10 (latest and up to date), AMD 3950X, 32G DDR4, NVIDIA RTX2070, NVMe SSDs

Network Details

NETGEAR switch, DKT NTE, Ubiquiti router (EdgeRouter Lite), 1Gbps internet connection (symmetrical) able to achieve 900Mbps throughput very reliably. Connection monitored for loss and latency constantly. Internal network all gigabit, wired to all Roon nodes, all via cables which have been tested and pass muster (to relevant ISO standards or 1000BASE-T application requirements) on a Fluke Versiv DSX8000 cable certifier.

Audio Devices

Core: RME Fireface UCX as an ASIO device at 96kHz.

Others in zone: Raspberry Pi running Ropieee with HifiBerry AMP+, and Raspberry Pi running Ropieee with Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (1st gen) via USB. Both wired back to NETGEAR switch.

Description of Issue

Roon frequently has periods where it will entirely skip playback of the next song in a playlist, and then stop about 3 seconds in. Once it stops, manual intervention is required because it is paused at 3 seconds. This only happens at the end of playback of a track, i.e. song ends, next song is skipped, subsequent song plays for 3 seconds and pauses.

There appears to be no external trigger for this, and it occurs randomly. It occurs with streamed music and local music (streamed from a ZFS-based NAS using a SMB share to the core; the NAS has throughput of >800Mbps and uses ZFS L2ARC+ZIL on SSDs, with prefetching to L2ARC enabled for the music store).

This has been happening since before 1.8.

All zones are using DSP w/ convolutional filters.

Hi jharrison,

Not official support, but, have you tried using system output no DSP or convolution and seeing if you get these skips. It might be the ASIO driver to the RME, as the first thing I would test against since it is common to both scenarios.

I’ve tried without convolution (need some DSP for SRC, but I have the SRC set to just clobber everything to 48kHz/96kHz (whatever the native interface rate is) to avoid SR changes in DACs) without any impact.

Had the same issues when the Fireface was actually another Focusrite using the standard WDM Windows driver, too. It’s the one constant I have experienced with Roon!

Hello @jharrison,

I am beyond sorry that we’ve been this late in getting back to you - please, accept my deepest apologies :pleading_face: . I do wish we didn’t miss on your post for this long.

I was wondering if you’re still experiencing song skipping? If so, we would love the chance to help. Could you please let us know? :nerd_face:

Yep, still encountering it. Less unreliable if I group 2 of my 3 zones, but doesn’t matter which 2 - so doesn’t appear to be specific to a single zone, just when Roon has 3 zones grouped in this fashion.

I should add to this that this only happens with TIDAL etc playback. I can stream from internet radio stations for a day at a time without any skips, glitches, etc with all 3 zones grouped. My internet connection is stable and I’ve got 0% packet loss and low latency (<10ms to LINX/London) as-monitored throughout.

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This has gotten worse, I think, or at least has gotten no better. Literally 5-15 times per day I get a skip and stop 3 seconds in.

Any suggestions from anyone before I just give up on Roon?

Hello @jharrison,

I want to apologize for being this late in seeing and replying to your post :pleading_face:

I was wondering if Roon is still something you’re trying to use to manage and listen to your music. Can we still help? :nerd_face:

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