Roon skips to next track in middle of song

Just happened on Cortez The Killer by Neil Young, another long track.

Just checked playback in the Tidal iPhone app, and it plays the entire track.

Someone has posted a similar problem with tracks 3, 4 and 5 on the Grateful Dead album “Reckoning” on another forum.

I can replicate with tracks 3 & 4…

Add another victim to the “half-skipped” song list…

Me too… some songs only play 10%, some a more. I tried to remove a certain song, then search it out to add it again to a playlist and it happened again, stopping at the very same spot and skipping to the next track.



Looks like the problem may be the interface between Tidal and services that have integrated Tidal, such as Roon and Naim.

A number of people have reported a similar problem streaming Tidal via the Naim app.

Another example on Naim that I have replicated in Roon is the track “Stairway to Heaven” on the16 bit version of the Led Zeppelin album IV. Interestingly the MQA versions of the album don’t have the same issue (in Roon at least).

I tested using this selection, for me it dropped at 3:20. Restarting a stream just 10 seconds prior at 3:10 it made it to 3:22. When I tried starting playback at 5:00 minutes into the track, It failed immediately without any playback.

Just experienced this too, playing Pet Shop Boys - Introspective and Disco (both via Tidal). It can’t play a track all the way through without skipping to the next one.

this has been happening to me all afternoon. playing partway through a track and then skipping on the the next track.

I am now playing Tidal direct on my CA 851N using the Cambridge Connect app. I just restarted the Roon server, and log on to have a peek at the forum to find it seems widespread.

Nice to know we are not alone!

Not had the problem so far with the Cambridge Connect app.

OPPPS spoke too soon - just happened using the Cambridge Connect app… so looks like not a Roon Issue…

@noris Went with a new sample. Joni Mitchell Mingus “Sweet Sucker Dance”

Here are the logs playing the 44.1 version on Tidal. Notice that at about 1:26 the Buffer starts to run out and is not refreshed.

Playing the same track immediately aftwards, except the MQA version, there is no dropouts as you can see here at the end of the track, the buffer fades out as expected at the end of the track.

Nothing to do with Roon, it can be recreated on my Tidal app in Android

Sleep-The Sciences, track 2 Marijuanaut’s Theme is skipping after 19 seconds

Just happened to me for the first time today.

Attempting to play “Ben Webster At The Renaissance (Remastered)” from Tidal, and in several of the tracks there is an abrupt transition to the next track.

I have confirmed that
a) the album plays OK through Tidal’s own app (tracks play through to the end), and
b) the problem occurs in Roon whether I use my PS Audio DAC Roon endpoint, or the System Output on the Mac which runs the Roon core.


Hello Everyone,

We are aware of an issue affecting TIDAL playback on multiple platforms, including Roon. We will be providing updates on this issue in the topic linked below


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I’ve just checked that album and it does it in my Tidal app, the problem is with Tidal themselves, something weird going on

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

At This Moment many songs from tidal playes to short, or goes in midle from song to next or other song. What can i do?

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)


Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)


Description Of Issue


I could play all tracks fine in Tidal. Only had the issue with Roon.

I am only getting the skipping problem when Roon Radio is running. It started a couple of days ago and is continuing tonight (May 13).


tracks playing fine in tidal. roon tracks only play to 5% : madam medusa ub40 and the very thought of you emille-claire barlow a few days now

Also skipping to next songs in the middle over here.
e.g. Lone Wolf (Live), Dave Douglas Quintet (Tidal)
1 Piano Music, Myra Melford
The Edenist, Mark Tuner Quartet.

First of all I did previously create this topic today but cant find it now amongst this can of worms impossible to navigate page…I presume it was deleted?

Ok so my problem is some tracks only play to 5% and then click over to the next track…They play fine and all the way in the Tidal app. This has been happening for a few days now…When is it going to be fixed? I understand there is a similar topic but im not sure my issue is the same. I emailed support 2 days ago or yesterday not even acknowledged…