Roon slow loading

Core Machine

  • Intel NUC 10i5FNH / 8GB RAM / EVO M.2 250GB / Latest BIOS
  • Roon Server software Version 1.8 (build 790) stable / OS Version 1.0 (build 227) stable
  • Static IP

Network Details

  • Streamer connected to Netgear Plus Switch GS108Ev2 which is connected to the router: Experia Box v10A (↓200/200↑)
  • The NUC is directly connected to the Experia Box v10A

Audio Devices

  • Bluesound Node2 (connected to the netgear switch)

Library Size

  • 100% of 227 GB available

Description of Issue

After a two week trial I’m now in my first week as a (paid) Roon-user. For now I use Tidal and some Live Radio only.
I’m used to Tidal via Node2, play UPNP via Mconnect and BubbleUPnP… All works well and fast.

  • Once playing the playback buttons are fine (fast respsone on play, pause frwrd …) but since the beginning Roon is slow.

  • Doesn’t matter what Remote is used (two different android remotes, wifi laptop remote, wired desktop remote). Sometimes my Android Remote crashes. I connected the NUC directly to the switch but nothing changed.

  • Starting up Roon takes 6 to 15 seconds in 100% of the cases.

  • In 75% of the cases it also takes 6 to 15 seconds loading (searching/finding/clicking) artists, albums, playlist and so on. Same with adding as favourite etc.

What could be the problem here?

anyone a suggestion?

Do you mean starting Roon from scratch or starting a track in Roon ?

From scratch Roon will take a few seconds , even minutes depending on your library size

If tracks are these local or streamed ?

Starting up Roon (from scratch) takes 6 to 15 seconds in 100% of the cases.

In 75% of the cases it also takes 6 to 15 seconds loading (searching/finding/clicking) artists, albums, playlist and so on. Same with adding as favourite etc.

Straming only atm (Tidal)

There have been reports of slow loading from the Tidal servers in the the recent weeks. apparently could also be regional variances too.

Loading Roon from scratch loads information about your library so can be slow depending on how big your library is. I switch on then go and brew tea :rofl: It can be minutes (I have 7000 albums). So slow Roon startup is nothing to worry about.

Do you have any local files , maybe try adding a local album and see how long that takes to load . For me a local album is split seconds , maybe 1-2 seconds if that , Tidal is not much different

I use Bluesound (node’s) for a decade or so with my local library (about 500GB) and connected to Tidal. BlueOS needs 2 seconds max for everything I do. Same goes for Tidal Connect which comes close to Roon in useabillity (except for the Tag-option). Tidal is way faster.

Now how come surplus paid soft- and hardware Roon takes about 7 times longer to load (start up and use while running).?

Roon loads a lot of info as it opens an album maybe that’s a cause

In which case I am no further help, maybe search the forum for similar issues.

Thanks so far

Hello @Time_Timex,

Please accept my apologies for missing your post for this long, especially since the issue you’re experiencing is having such an impact on your music listening experience.

Since it’s been quite a while (:pleading_face:) I was wondering if anything has changed in the meantime? Can we still help :nerd_face: ?

Thanks for the reply.
Well, I’m still working on it. Seems adjusting IP address, DNS Netmask etc helps.
Still some problems loading though, but a lot less!

Could you tell me which IP, DNS, static or not etc etc exactly is best to use on both the Nuc as my router??

Hey @Time_Timex,

Thank you very much for your quick reply! Let’s start with this:

Could you please try changing your Router’s DNS servers from the ISP provided ones to Cloudflare DNS, Quad9 or Google DNS?

Thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That helps a lot. But still loading, for example, a discography takes a while. Same for ‘Tidal Rising’ e.g.

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Thanks for the update @Time_Timex. It is encouraging, but, I’ve also looped in our technical team to see if there are any other suggestions they can make to address the slowness.

Please, stay tuned :pray:

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You have any news for me on this one? :slight_smile:

Hey @Time_Timex,

Thanks so much for checking on this and sorry for the delay. Support is closed over the weekend and that didn’t help either.

I’ve circled back with our technical team, so they can have this thread in mind as they approach the existing open issues.

Please, bear with us a little longer :bear: