Roon slow to open - appears to be revalidating Tidal credentials

Hi. When I try to load Roon all I see is

When I go to the settings, and then the services area, it looks like Tidal is re-validating

My environment is two Macs running the latest version of Roon. One is the core. The other functions as the client. I leave Roon running on the core 24x7. So pretty much 99% of the time, I experience this issue on the Roon client.

I’ve also checked the services settings on the core machine. Tidal is spinning there as well. Restarting Roon on the core load up normally upon restart. I’d of course prefer to not do this each and every time I want to use Roon client.

Can you help?

Hello @purehifi192, thanks for the information. I have a few questions:

  1. After you reboot, how long until you experience this behavior from Roon again?
  2. When this happens, does logging out of TIDAL (inside of Roon) help?

We are currently working on our integration with TIDAL in regards to logging in for a future release which we hope will help with this and I will keep you updated on our progress.

Excellent questions @nuwriy

I had wanted to supply that information in my initial post but didn’t have any firm data to share. I’m simply unsure of how long it takes for Tidal to timeout on the Roon core after reboot. My guess is leaving the Roon client on will alter the results. I’ve tried logging out of and then back into Tidal on both the client and server, but this was a couple weeks back. I don’t recall that working which is why I ended up rebooting the core.

More than happy to run some tests and report back, but I can’t attend to the Roon server and also cannot leave my Roon client up and running 24x7 either.

Thanks for the details! We have some upcoming changes that may help. We’ll let you know when those changes are available.

Hi @nuwriy Does the latest update address the Tidal issue or is that in a yet to be released update?

I had exactly the same issue (on ROCK), and I think the two latest updates have cured the issue. Just update and try it.

I already upgraded. Wondering if I need to birddog it as the problem appears to manifest over a period of many days if the update is supposed to address it.

Hello @purehifi192,

We did make some changes to our TIDAL implementation in build 536 and build 537. Once you are on 537, please let me know if you continue to have issues playing content from TIDAL. The release notes for version 537 can be found here.

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