Roon Slow to Start Up (library 870,000 tracks)

Me too…
very slow startup, more than 10 minutes, time is increasing as the database dimension grow up…

Mac mini m1
1 Tb SSD
files on external usb 3.2 raid

68000 albums
870000 tracks…

…same problem

Roon eat all RAM…
And every time will take longer to load ( more than 10 minutes)

Mac mini M1
16Gb RAM
1tb SSD

Files on external USB 3.2 qnap Raid

Could you monitor my account too…?

Hello @Fabio_de_Dominicis,

Thank you for connecting with us on the Roon community and for sharing your Roon experience.

While your library has an impressive size - congratulations on building and curating it! - it also requires a well tuned system for good performance. I’m afraid your MacMini won’t meet that need. If you could consider a Roon OS or Windows setup, you’d have better results:

Thank you for your answer…

Library is still growing up… today is 70505 albums and 944588 tracks…

I’ve a doubt… my library is organized in folders, e.g. music 1, music 2,…blues 1, blues 2… and so on.
I have 37 folders… may be this will slower Roon ?
It’s better reorganize files in less folders ?

or it’s not a problem ?

Thank you

Fabio de Dominicis

You could install ROCK on an extra strength i9 with gobs of RAM.
Treat like an appliance and never bring ROCK down.

Maybe doesn’t address the root of the problem, but it avoids waiting for Roon to start up ever time you want to listen to music.

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