Roon sluggishness [Resolved]

Let me describe what I’m experiencing. Say, I’m playing a Tidal MQA album, and I want to look at the jazz MQA albums I have tagged (73 of my 20k total albums). I select the tag and wait for the albums to display with takes 4+ minutes, during which time the Roon app is unresponsive (the music continues to play). Eventually the albums populate and I have screen control again. The behavior does not change if I disconnect the USB cable.

My system is a Sonic Orbiter AP running the Core, Mytek Brooklyn DAC connected to a USB port on a Samsung laptop running the Bridge and Remote software.

I am seeing this too. NAS to SOTM SMS-200 and Chord 2Qute DAC. IOS remote.
Suddenly seems to be unresponsive. i have music playing without issue… but then can’t stop or change it

Never-mind, all is well now. It was a problem with the installation of the Mytek drivers.

yeah - reboot worked