Roon Software file damaged

Roon kept crashing on my 2020 27’ iMac retina 5k.

I deleted the Roon .dmg file and went to reinstall.

Keep getting a message that the downloaded file is damaged.

I contacted Contact us but has anyone seen this before?

The .dmg file is just an installation file - you double-click it to get the Mac installation procedure started. Once that’s complete, and the Roon app is in the Applications folder, it’s normal to delete the dmg file. It’s not needed for day-to-day use of the app. If you ever need to re-install, it’s best to re-download the dmg file from the Roon web site.

It’s been a while since I did this myself so I forget whether the dmg file launches a step-by-step procedure for installing the Roon app, or whether double-clicking the dmg file just opens up a folder with the Roon app in it. Maybe you were running the Roon app from that folder? In the case where there isn’t a step-by-step installation, you’re supposed to drag the Roon app from the dmg folder, into your Mac’s Applications folder. Then it’s ok to close the dmg folder and delete the dmg file. Hope that helps!

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Hey @RW_Quinn,

Thanks for connecting with our team and community on our forum as well - welcome :wave:

It looks like you should have heard back from our support team, but @Brian_Doherty’s explanation is on point (thx! :pray: )

Please, keep us posted. We’d love to help :nerd_face:

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