Roon speaker for my bathroom ceiling

Hi folks,
I will move in a new house soon and I was thinking of integrating a good speaker in the ceiling of my bathrooms.
It will need to be water/humidity resistant and wireless (WiFi?) to be contrôlable via Roon (volume should be controlled over the app) .
Do you have any idea?

There are a number of bathroom ceiling speaker options. None are designed for superb sound, but I’m guessing this isn’t a big concern for your bathroom deployment. I can’t personally recommend any, as my bathroom solution is outdoor sealed speakers.

In either case, you are dealing with a passive speaker. Run cable from the speaker to someplace you can hide a small amp where the amp won’t be subject to the humidity of the bathroom.

Then the amp can be anything. A RPi with an amp hat, a RPI with a stand-alone AMP, a Sonos AMP (if you’re into Sonos), etc. Main thing to consider is what are your other zones. If they’re all RAAT based, you’ll want this solution to also be RAAT-based if you want to group the bathroom with other zones for whole-house audio.

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I can recommend the Monitor Audio CT165-T2 Stereo in-ceiling speaker powered by IQaudIO Pi-DigiAmp+.

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Are you asking about a Portable wireless speakers or installing a ceiling or wall speakers wired to a multi zone amplifier for whole home music distribution? If it’s the latter any speaker will work. You don’t need marine grade speakers. *EDIT: Sorry I just read you are wanting ceiling speakers. I am assuming you have a multizone amp running other ceiling speakers throughout your home. I use a 6 zone amp running 6 pairs of speakers and one pair is in my bathroom and another pair is in my jacuzzi room and I have no problems with water or humidity.

We all love and listen to music but there are some of us who want to hear music all throughout our home and obviously there will be a difference in our choice of equipment and speakers used in comparison to our Hifi listening room. Why people feel they have to first explain that point before giving a recommendation is beyond me. We want to listen to the music not the wires and speakers. There are a lot of great sounding wall and ceiling speakers when paired with a multichannel amp will make music fill your home for all to enjoy.

Thanks very much for your answers.
Well, that is maybe naive, but I was looking for an all in one solution. Something like an active speaker that connects to my WiFi network and play by its own and regulate the volume itself. I have few rpi at home and could think about this alternative solution but that was not my first choice. This is just to have fun! No high quality needed…