Roon splits albums by Artist

I use my iTunes Library with Roon and I noticed Roon splits up my albums according to the artist of the track rather than album artist.

Is there a way to force Roon not to split up my albums?

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Hi Luna,
Can you post a screenshot showing the split that you are referring to ?

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Sure, will get back to you in a day or two, really can’t find the time now.

Hi Andrew,

Sorry for not having responded for so long, I didn’t have the time and/or energy to occupy myself with my music library for quite some time and then when Apple announced they were killing iTunes I waited for Music to come out.

Apple’s new “Music” app ditched the column browser. Since I only used iTunes for organizing and not playback it rendered the new “Music” worthless now.
So I deleted my iTunes library and copied the folders into a “Roon” folder in my library on the Nucleus. I completely reset the Roon database and let it scan anew.
The problem persists but I suggest we move it to this thread I replied to and will post some more as that’s the pronblem I have: Roon Album various artist Grouping doesn’t work properly?

For the rest, I plan to re-organize my folder structure a bit, work on tags with dBPoweramp and reset the Roon database again.
I do need to re-organize anyway since I will make a copy of my library in AAC format to put on a big USB-stick to use in my car so I can replace the iPod Classic I have there, I want to get rid completely of the iTunes system.

After my folders and tags are reorganized with dBpoweramp I will continiue to maintain it with Roon only, using dBpoweramp only for ripping new music or tagging newly downloaded music.

Thanks in advance for any help or insights you can offer us in the other thread.