Roon + Squeezbox + Euphony Stylus endpoint.... plays but no progress bar

2 computers… 1 running core and the other an endpoint

Mac Mini 2018 i7 running Roon core 1.8. Squeezebox enabled to play to Euphony server computer running Stylus endpoint

I select an album and start it playing. It works fine (plays the music) but the progress bar that shows time elapsed for the song never changes, when it starts playing the next song the little moving icon that looks like a an EQ next to the song name stays on the last song . The pause/play button works. If I manually slide the bar over, the point in the song song advances like expected but the bar stays where you put it. If it starts playing the next song the song displayed is the previous song. if I move the slider it goes back to the song that is displayed.

it plays the song you select, the next song in the Queue, then stops. While it is playing the second song and you select “jump to current song” it goes to the first song and highlights it but does not play it

new setup since I went to 1.8 so no idea what it would have done in 1.7

I would not expect Roon to offer full support if your using Squeezelite which Euphony is using, it’s unsupported only squeezbox hardware is fully supported. It does work in most cases but it may well be up to you to sort it out. Squeezelite endpoints I have work ok. It may be better for you to take it up with Euphony as its there’s server your using to playback on. Isnt Euphony capable of running Roon bridge why not use that?

As a possible solution do you have flac compression on in the endpoints settings? Try toggling it on or off depending on the state you currently have it set at.

thanks, I rebooted everything and it works now… embarrassing.

In any case, I suspect Euphony would tell me it is a Roon issue as that is what he usually tells you if anything about the interaction doesn’t work right.

The idea behind an endpoint and not running Roon Core on the Euphony machine is that the lighter the load on the Euphony end, the better it sounds. I’m sure that the “bits are bits” crowd will scoff at that, but it sure sounds great using it this way.

I get that, that’s Roons philosophy as well. Roon does have just an endpoint part, called Roon bridge which is usually available on these things and is fully supported.