Roon stability - am I an outlier?

Still crashing on my iPhone 12 max pro

My wife’s iPhone 11

My kids iPhone XR

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Without knowing your setup or configuration, I’d hazard a guess that it’s unlikely all your apple devices are crashing from the same problem. It seems more likely your core is having a problem causing your devices to fail.

I have typed my configuration multiple times in a bunch of different threads.

Just fix the mobile phone app from crashing.

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Agreed. I’m having issues as well and I’ve yet to voice them. As for contacting customer support I’ve found many company’s customer support to be sorely lacking. I’ve not given Room’s a shot yet. And one person said “two weeks is not enough time”. BS, no application of this sort should take two weeks to get up and running properly.


Me for 5+ years.

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And me 4,5 years , even on 2 different PC boxes

I think the problem lies with the mobile app

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For me it definitely does. No issues with the core on an elderly iMac before and on a Synology now.

What totally spoils my user experience is the ■■■■■■ remote crashing on a regular basis. I am repeating myself: it’s not only it crashes. Once it did it will not survive more than 20 seconds unless the iPhone was re-started. Simply cannot be any networking issue.

Quite funny - did it about more than 50 times.
1150Mbit/s Internet to router and in average 940Mbit/s Internet to PC.
What I do not have is a speed test to the TIDAL server.
That would be interesting.

I suspect the comment was made in the sense of two weeks is not sufficient time to discover the full functionality of Roon. I was still discovering tips and tricks years after I first began with Roon, but perhaps I’m just a slow learner.

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Just another example that even when using a dedicated NUC-ROCK server, you can run into a host of problems: Music Stops Playing Frequently with New ROCK Set Up - #33 by Matt_Cohen

I was able to perform a test this weekend in which I played video files through my Oppo which were stored on the same external drive connected to my ROCK. I was able to play 8 hours of video straight through the same network connection that cuts out every 20-60 minutes when I am using Roon to play music.

Everything I’ve done seems to point to this being a problem with Roon OS / Roon Server on Roon OS. It’s the only variable that when I eliminate it, the problem is solved (Ex: running Roon server on macOS or streaming content to the Oppo without Roon).

Let me know if you disagree with my assessment or have any further troubleshooting steps I can perform. This problem is driving me crazy. It has persisted for so long and I cannot listen to whole albums without frustrating interruptions killing the vibe.

Sorry Martin don’t agree with this view at all. It might well work for you but bugs in software do not always show up until a certain thing triggers it and this will only affect users in certain situations.

As an example An update to the firmware of Naims streaming systems last year caused a lot of trouble with certain users where it caused random reboots, screen locking up amongst others things, but this did not affect most users only a small minority overall. Yet they took this very seriously. They worked hard to fix this issue and not once tried to blame peoples set ups. I was one affected and was part of the beta programme to help fix it. So just because you have no issues doesn’t mean Roon doesn’t have them. To dismiss them all as being the users setup is just bad. Yes some can be but Roon should work to make it more compatible than it is, no customer should have to change ISP or other equipment to make Roon function as it should especially when other options work without issues.

I have never had any playback issues, and only with 1.8 did I get any stability issues. Most have been fixed, except iOS and the odd windows remote hang.


Your point is well made, but I think we need to remind ourselves of how difficult it can be to analyze a network issue. When you consider the combinations and permutations of different hardware running different operating systems, drivers, configurations and settings to say nothing of cables, connectors, switches, etc. the path for troubleshooting remotely is considerable.

Speaking for myself, my response that Roon was rock solid for me wasn’t intended to be a criticism of the OPs assertion that there could be an issue with Roon, but simply a comment that the issue may not be with Roon alone.


I’m not saying it’s easy to diagnose some ones network stack, but during my experience with Naims troubleshooting they worked out one issue I having was related to my switch causing an issue with thier software, not that the switch was at fault just the that the delay caused by RSTP on the switch (which is not something I should have to turn off) caused it to timeout DHCP on the machine which in turn caused other processes in machine to lock up on power cycling. They have fixed that. So whilst some things might be related to network topology which this was it’s also possible the software that’s the root cause not being able to handle this situation. I was very impressed with their handling of this.

I suspect that was me and you are correct that is what I meant. To get the best evaluation of Roon 2 week’s trial barely scratches the surface.

5 years in I still discover new things.

I agree the setup should be quick. Analysing the library is a bit of a moving feast depending on number of tracks etc , but base setup should be simple


I had something similar with the Home Assistant app on my Huawei P20 Pro; I excluded it from being managed by the OS and things improved, so I may try this with Roon too.

Internet download speed I get on the NUC averages 350Mbps.

Average around the network from devices to the NUC is 700Mbps.

I use LibreSpeed to test speed between devices on the LAN and the NUC.

That’s a truly outlandish statement.


I guess for a majority of subscribers, Roon is stable and reliable… otherwise, Roon would be out of business. But I am afraid the subscribers experiencing issues are not just a couple of outliers. I would by the way not count on it that those not “complaining” on this forum, the silent ones, are all happy with Roon. They might not use it anymore, or only sometimes, or only for their own library.
What is worrying is not that some users have issues some of the time. What is worrying is that
(1) support seems close to non-existant for them (I have been waiting for more than a month now for a solution to skipping tracks midway… and yes, I have provided support all the details and tests that I was asked for)
(2) that some rather fundamental problems have been reported years ago and are still returning again and again (skipping tracks is one of them, the bad integration of playlists in Roon is another one)

Apparently, Roon can afford it to have recurring issues for a minority of users and bad customer service. The best thing that could happen? A strong competitor that challenges Roon.


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