Roon starting automatically *ghostly experience"

Hi there,
On several occasions roon starts playing on its own… It happend twice now and i cant point out what triggers it. It happens in the same room where my main audio device is.

Anyone had this issue before? What could trigger this?

Thanks for your feedback!

Ps: not in a haunted mansion, and yes it does play music that is part of my library, both streaming and local.


This is kind of funny though! :slight_smile:
Just curious, what kind of Zone are you hearing when this happens?
And you are not deploying any kind of remote control extensions or similar?

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In our household, it’s usually my daughter who is the ghost - when she accidentally sends her audio books to one of “my” endpoints… :smiley:


Its the livingroom and the device is a soundbar.

I have no remote opened and the device itself is a smart soundbar that is basically always on standby. The physical remote is not being touched, and the signal is airplay, not chromecast.

No voice command is given, and the source is Roon.

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Well, that’s a strange one…

Well, you only have to have a device which have that (the same Airplay-connection) as output to trigger the “input selection” on the soundbar. Strange things may happen! :slight_smile:

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the plot thickens, its on random album using the randomradio plugin, i will do a search if its a known issue…


You might also check to see what devices are on your network. Look at the device history log if you have one, too. Did one of your neighbors (or someone else) get on your WiFi and do they happen to have Roon and are either messing with you or something else?

Ha, my wife does this all the time. Starts something playing without looking which endpoint is selected. Living room TV is regularly hijacked by chromecast music intended for the bedroom TV.


Hey @Picohricoh,

Ben here with the support team, thanks for your patience while we work through each thread. You’ve got an interesting issue going on here!

Typically I’d ask for you to recreate the issue and take note of the date and time, but in this case, it isn’t possible! :sweat_smile:

If it does pop up, take a look at the time and share that info here, as well as the track name, if possible! With that, could you share a bit more about your full system setup, and core device?

I’ll be on standby for your reply. :+1: