Roon starts after a call on iPhone

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I pause Roon when I am finished listening so that I can continue listening to Roon Radio via Tidal when I resume listening. Since the most recent series of updates, whenever I get a phone call on my iPhone, Roon resumes playing either at the conclusion of the call or shortly into the call, whether it was paused prior to the call or not. This is disruptive and also causes Roon to start playing unknowingly when the audio system is turned off and potentially continue for days without my knowledge.

Hi @Terry_Deeb

Thanks for reaching out! The next time that you notice this happen can you make a note of the time it occurs and we’ll enable diagnostics to take a look. Thanks!

It happened today at 11:51am prior to my post. Then again as indicated below.

At 2:26pm today, I received a call (at the time Roon had been paused for about two hours). 15 seconds into the call, Roon began playing on it’s own. Then I tried stopping the Roon app on my phone rather than just leaving Roon paused. I tried another test call. Roon started playing again about 15 seconds into the call.

I just received a Roon update which I applied and tested again, and it did not start to play. I hope that was the fix. Thank you.

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