Roon & Static Shared IP address For Vortexbox & NAD M50.2

For some time now I have been going back and forth with the BluOS people trying to get Roon to recognize songs on both my Vortexbox ripper/server and my NAD 50.2 CD player/ripper. Every time that we have tried to establish a static address for this shared set up it works at first but then the shared address comes up in Roon as unavailable . See the attached screen shot . Does anyone have a a solution to this problem so that Roon will always bee monitoring the IP addresses for both the Vortexbox and the NAD 50.2?

Attached is a diagram of my home network.

What is the dhcp range of your router, you either need to fix the Ip addresses in the router or assign addresses outside of the dhcp range for the fixed addresses you want to use.

@Greg_Johnson Can I ask why you want to use fixed ip addresses? If you are unsure with networks it can be better to use dhcp.
There is a way of reserving dhcp ip addresses for specific devices on your model router documented here, not sure if that helps you achieve what you want? My preference would still be dhcp.

The range is to

Hi with that range there is no safe way to use static IP address.

You need to configure the routers DHCP server to allocate addresses from a restricted range in order make space for static addresses.

I would suggest to for DHCP then you are safe to manually use to for static addresses.

Note when you do change the range it is vital to reboot ALL network devices that use DHCP and reconfigure all devices that use static IP addresses to avoid the DHCP pool.

All that said, my personal approach is to avoid static addresses (set in the devices) … I configure the DHCP server and set fixed addresses (against the hardwares MAC address) this way DHCP always assigns the same address to each configured device.

Hope this helps.

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Carl beat me to it…the problem with living in different time zones…Even I have to sleep :stuck_out_tongue:

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Mark D. at BluOS took remote control of my computer and tried your suggestion regarding the IP addresses and it did not work but unfortunately we did not reboot all network devices and reconfigure all devices that use static IP addresses that you said was vitla to do. I am trying to arrange another remote session for tomorrow.

Mark said that the issues that I am having with the ROON shared IP address always becoming unavailable are pointing to issues with the router that I am using which is actually a router modem (ARRIS Touchstone SBG-6782) supplied by my internet provider Shaw Cable. I am also having problems getting the BluOS controller my desktop computer and the BluOS app on my i-phone to work properly. He is suggesting that I get a gigabit router such as a TP Link AC1900.

Any comments you may have regarding this matter would be appreciated. Do you recommned and particular router which is good for audio applications?

Good Morning Carl;

Mark D. at BluOS did take remote control on my desktop computer yesterday. To recap what I was wanting to do, I was wanting to have Roon find my songs contained in both my Vortexbox server and in my NAD M50.2 CD player’s hard drive. The IP addresses, initially used for my Vortexbox ripper/server & for my NAD M50.2 CD player/ripper, were pointed to in a shared IP address that we entered into Roon. This initially worked so that Roon could find all of my songs; however the IP addresses kept changing and the shared IP address that we tried to use for both the Vortexbox and the NAD M50.2 therefore always became unavailable when any of the IP addresses changed, so that Roon could not then find the songs To try to explain in my layman’s terms what he did to fix this problem, instead of using IP addresses for the Vortexbox and the NAD M50.2, he used what he called net bios (or names he gave for the IP addresses) instead of the actual IP addresses . That way even though the IP addresses may change for each of the Vortexbox and the NAD M50.2 (that the Shared IP address is pointing to), the changed addresses for each of the Vortexbox server and the NAD M50.2 are automatically pointed to so that Roon continues to find all of my songs.

I hope that this explanation helps other Roon users who may experience similar problems with their network based audio systems.



That is the mos stable way if you don’t have static IPs