Roon stopped again. Such a pity!

It does not work again telling “there was an issue about your database” Second time in three months time. And again after an update. Last time I could not manage to make it work no matter what was instructed on faq or any other site. It was down for 15 days and it started to work all of a sudden. That was two months ago, today I received the same error. Cant take it anymore. I have never seen came across such a crap of a software. Shame on you Roon !!!

Have you restarted Roon Core and all control devices after the latest update?

I did but still nothing.
And I also think that for a player it is ridiculous to have to remember all this mumbo jumbo.
roon core
control devices
etc etc
It is a player after all for gods sake
And it is supposed to play…

I’ve requested that this thread be move to #support. Meanwhile, it’d be really helpful if you describe your setup as set out in this post.

If you want support, I can move this thread to the Support category, where it will be seen, and responded to, by a member of the Support team.

OK thanks.

Moved to support, please provide details of your equipment and network setup to better assist you.

Maybe some screenshots of the problems you are having would help too.

Thank you

First it is not only me, but at least three more people from Turkey I heard that are experiencing this problem for the second time, in december and again now.

Both problems faced after updates.

In december the problem was not solved for about 10 days with any advice I have came upon on the web, including these pages.

I dont know how (possibly due to a new update or a patch??) it started to work by itself after 10 days.

It is happening again right now

I dont thing it has anything particular about my system but as you had asked:

  • Windows 10 on a pc
  • DCS Bartok dac

I dont know what else you might want to know

I also attached a picture of the screen I am facing whenever I try to start Roon


Hey @ozan_kadirbeyoglu,

Thanks so much for sharing what you’re experiencing — we’re so sorry.

This is actually an issue we’re aware of and for which we already have a fix. It will be released in an upcoming build.

Please, stay tuned. We’d love it if you could not give up on Roon just yet :nerd_face:


I will wait but demand compensation for the time paid but could not use the service


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