Roon stopped identifying albums after installation to new computer


The intention was to transfer Roon core from Macbook Pro to newly purchased Apple Macbook Air. I removed Roon from old Macbook Pro and downloaded new core software from Roon website onto my new Macbook Air.


All new albums from TIDAL and newly ripped albums are not fully identified, displaying the Roon-unidentified white square with grey “album icon” inside the white square. However, each album title is shown under the white square. When the album is clicked, all of the songs are displayed. In order to get the album art to display, each one has to be manually identified by doing an edit, selecting identify album, and selecting the appropriate art from the covers listed – which seems to work normally.

At the top of the Roon window, is the little “in process circle” which eternally revolves and never stops. When clicked, the attached display (see screenshot) comes up. The number of tracks in this popup continues to go up as new music is added. It goes down after manual identify album process.

Music plays normally…

System Specifications

Roon Nucleus Order # 575

Date Ordered: March 23, 2021

Location: 2nd floor


ASUS RT-AC3100 Internet router

Ethernet from router to English Electric Eight Switch located in office with Nucleus


Nucleus Version 1 - Build: 227, stable

2 TB installed SSD

Ethernet from EE Eight Switch to Nucleus Serial Number: 54B2039B92DA

Nucleus USB out to cd drive (for ripping)

Library Size:

584 total albums, 6276 tracks

223 TIDAL – 361 ripped/downloaded FLAC albums stored on Nucleus

Office Streamer:

Ethernet from EE Eight Switch to Bluesound Node 2i

SPDIF to Denafrips Ares II DAC

RCA to Enclosure 2510 integrated amplifier

Klipsch RP 600 speakers


Wifi connected – Apple MacBook Air 8 GB RAM, 250GB SSD, M1 2020 chip set,

Monterey ver. 12.0.1 OS

USB to Topping DX7 headphone amp/DAC

Location: 1st floor

Lounge Room Streamer:

Ethernet from router to Bluesound Node 2i

SPDIF to Cambridge CXA81 integrated amplifier

KEF LS 50 Meta speakers

Toslink from Cambridge CXC cd transport to aCXA81 amplifier
Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 8.49.32 AM

Hey @Paul_Lewis,

I am so sorry it took us no more no less than a week to get back to you. It’s much longer than we had hoped and I can only apologize… :pleading_face:

There are a few things to try when running into the Metadata improver: Paused error. They are listed here:

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