Roon Stopped Sending Artwork to Sonos App

Roon Core Machine

Sonore SonicTransporter i5

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Orbi Mesh Router

Connected Audio Devices

Sonore OpticalRendu and iFi Pro iDSD DAC

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Roon suddenly stopped communicating the album artwork to the Sonos app. It did do that for the longest time and then stopped abruptly. Is there a setting that will fix this issue? I’ve contacted Sonos support and the suggested I reach out to Roon support. I’m not sure if the problem is with Roon or Sonos. Thanks for your help in advance

I guess I’m not going to get a response from anyone in support? Hmmmm

Hey Jacob

It took longer than usual to get back to you, sorry, my colleague will be looking into your issue and get back.

Hi @Jacob_Ofman1,

Thank you for getting in touch with your question, when using Roon to play to Sonos endpoints you won’t see now playing information in the Sonos app - those details will be displayed in Roon. You can find more details on Roon/Sonos integration here:

Thank you for that. I did not know that. For the longest time, until recently, I WAS able to see all of the “Now Playing” info in the Sonos app as well. Something must have changed recently. Thanks again for clarifying that.


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