Roon stops mid Qobuz track [Solved - Fritzbox Firmware Update]

Hi - last weekend when playing a track from Qobuz through Sonos it stopped mid track and kept happening.
Been away all week so today the same happened when playing via Airplay to Marantz M-CR611.
I never have had this issue before.

I have rebooted all devices but it still occurring about two minutes into the track.

MacOS Mojave 3.6 GHz Intel core I7
32GB 2400 MHZ DDR4

The only change in the house just prior to this problem is that I changed my WI-FI router from Apple Airport to Fritz!Box 4040 whether this is causing an issue?

Hope you can help as this is so annoying?

Hi @Michael_Hickey,

Thanks for contacting us with your issue here. Can you confirm if this happens also on both Local and TIDAL content (if applicable)?

Fritzbox is known to need some special settings applied if you are using OS7, specifically “Software Packet Acceleration” is listed as a needed modification in our Networking Best Practices Guide, can you check to see if you have this option in your router?

How is your Mac OSX connected to the network here? If it is on WiFi can you temporarily connect it via Ethernet as a test and try outputting to the OSX “System Output” and let me know if the same issue occurs?


Hi Noris - I cancelled my Tidal subscription so I am only using Qobuz only.

I am connected to the Network via ethernet to the Fritzbox

Hi @Michael_Hickey,

Thanks for letting me know that info, can you please confirm the other parts of my response?

  • Can you confirm if this happens with Local content as well? By Local I am referring to media files on your hard drive.
  • Does this issue occur when using “System Output” as a temporary test?
  • Have you looked into the Software Packet Acceleration on your router? Is disabling that option available?


Hi Noris - I have been testing since your reply and it looks as if its happening playing all content from Roon including media files.

Not sure what you mean by system output

Again sorry but not sure how to look into software packet acceleration

I have played music from Apple Music to Marantz via AirPlay and no issues

Sorry but I am not very tech savvy.


Hi @Michael_Hickey,

Thanks for confirming that this occurs on Local Content as well, this indicates that the issue is not the internet connection speed but something on the local network that could be causing communications issue. What I mean by “System Output” – This is a zone you can select that is the laptop Core’s internal speakers.

You can enable this zone in Roon Settings -> Audio, here is what this should look like, it is the first option in this list on my Core:

I would enable it and then select it from the zone picker list:

Click that and it should bring up a listing of all your enabled zones like so:

Here, you should select “System Output” and then try sending music to this, please let me know if you experience the same issue for the system output zone.

As for the Software Packet Acceleration, this is a possible setting in your router. You can use these instructions (<-- Clickable link) to access the Fritz Web Interface. I would then look around to see if you can find the option “Software Packet Acceleration” and disable it. This setting has caused issues with Roon in the past and should not affect the rest of your network communication, just Roon.

Please let me know if that helps.


Hi Noris - no issue on system output zone.
Went on the Fritz!Box web interface and saw there was an update which I installed, could not see the software packet acceleration option anywhere on the site. But everything not seems to be working fine again with no pauses.


Hello @Michael_Hickey,

I assume you meant to write “But everything now seems” instead of “But everything not seems”, so I’m glad to hear that the firmware update for your Fritzbox helped with this issue! I’m going to mark this thread as solved but if you experience any other issues in the future, don’t hesitate to reach out!


Yes Noris - I meant now, I have been playing music from Qobuz all day through Sonos and Marantz via Roon with no issues.


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