Roon Stops Playing At Random

I have just installed Roon and I am having the problem where after a variable amount of time (usually between 2 minutes and 30 minutes of playing), the music stops playing. It no longer recongnizes my player and I have to go into “Audio”, wait a few seconds until my Bryston BDP-Pi player comes up then start the playback again.

I have a Windows 10 computer as core and music files are on an attached hard drive. I connect to the Bryston BDP-Pi through the network using a wireless bridge. When it does play, there is no problem playing 192/24 files (no dropouts). This problem happens seemingly at random with files of all resolutions.

I have already checked the settings regarding power modes and the Windows 10 computer is not going into any kind of power saver or sleep mode.

Any ideas?


Try a wired connection to test

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Thanks for the suggestion. I did connect directly to the router as a test and have not had the same problem occur. Apparently the wireless network connection is the problem. If there is a momentary loss of connection, Roon will not recognize my digital player until I go into Settings and Audio and select it again. This is enough of a problem that I think I need to figure out a way to connect directly to the router on a more permanent basis.

I consider this problem solved, although it would be nice if the Roon software was more forgiving with momentary losses of connectivity.


Off the top of the head, you could try a different wireless channel, or move to 5Ghz from the usual 2.4, if possible. That may be more stable. Wireless can be affected by the environment, other users. So, if the dropouts happen again, there maybe something else happening on the network.

We’ve been really impressed with the performance of “mesh” wifi networks, so if you’re considering an upgrade it may be worth looking into.

Some more details here:

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