Roon stops playing my playlists intermittently

Roon will pause or stop playing my playlists intermittently
This has been an ongoing problem for years
On a rare occasion this will not happen
I use Roon with my Synology DS418j NAS and a Meridian 218 zone controller DAC and a NAD T187 processor. Also have an IMAC version 11.2.3 with Norton 360. VPN off
I use ethernet cables for all my connections. No WiFi.
I have the latest Roon updates installed.
My iMac has 1.33Tb available from 2.12 Tb

I am going to move this to the support thread and tag @support. They are going to need some more information though:
Your post should include:

Are you running your Roon core from the NAS? how much Ram do you have?
What other hardware is in your network that you are using, like routers and switches?
Is the iMac your only remote or do you use other ones like an iPad, and do you have the same issues there?
Are these playlists ones that you made in Tidal or Qobuz and and just playing through Roon, or were the made in Roon and use files that are on your NAS?

I am running Roon from the 8TB NAS
The NAS system Health is good and the resource monitor says CPU 5%, RAM 27%
The NAS is connected to a GS605 switch which goes to the IMAC, Time capsule, Meridian 218 & a plug in the wall extender for the security system. I use my Ipad & iPhone occasionally with the Roon App but does not seem to coincide with the pausing. My playlists are all made from the NAS and are CD imports or downloads from iTunes. I don’t use Tidal or Qobuz.

Hey @Brent_McGowan,

Sorry for the delay in replying :pleading_face: . We do wish it would have been much sooner.

I appreciate the additional information you’ve shared prompted by @AnimalOnDrums (thanks so much!).

You mentioned having a GS605 switch. Any chance you could temporarily bypass it and see if you still experience this issue?

Hi Rebeka
I don’t think this would be possible the way the ethernet is connected. Have these switches caused this problem in the past? Another issue I am having is seeing duplicates in Roon albums. I am not sure if this has anything to do with Roon stopping or not, but it is another issue I can not figure out how to fix. I originally migrated my iTunes library from the iMac to the Synology music server. The Synology is set up with a hybrid file system SHR rate configuration. Is it possible for a tech at Ron to do a screen share with me to see if these problems can be solved?
Thank you for responding to this issue. It is extremely frustrating and I have a limited skill set in dealing with these kinds of issues.

Hi @Brent_McGowan

The Synology looks like it might be a bit below what we’d recommend — As a test, can you try running Roon on the iMac instead? Does the same behavior occur?

Hi Dylan
Roon is currently running on the iMac not the Synology. Synology recommends the DS418j NAS as a preferred music server and has a 64 bit quad processor. I had some help yesterday from a Hi Fi specialist who check all my settings and turned off iTunes sharing to see if that would help.I will continue to play Roon to see if the same problem occurs again and let you know. Let me know if you have any other thoughts on this and please keep this ticket open.

Hey @Brent_McGowan,

It’s been a while since your last post - I was wondering, are there any updates you can share with us? Have you still been experiencing interruptions in playback?

Also, thanks for keeping in touch this long and making the effort to sort this out with us and with your Hi Fi specialist.

Hi Rebeka

I just replaced the Meridian streamer with a NAD C658 streamer and a new Apple 4K TV to see if this helps with the problem as well as using new cat 6 ethernet cables.
We have just installed these new components on Friday so we are waiting to see if the problem persists.
Will keep you posted.


Hi Rebeka
Just a quick update on the pausing of Roon.This problem appears to have gone away, but another issue that has come up is Roon not finding the C658 in audio and the screen will shake not knowing where to direct itself. It seems the fix is to enable the C658, close VPN if in use, close all apps , log off Roon, reboot iMac and iPhone, reboot Roon and everything seems to work fine and the Lyrics will also appear on the Sony TV. Have you had simular problems like this with Roon?



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Hey @Brent_McGowan,

Thanks so much for keeping us posted on how things unfolded since we last talked. I appreciate the details :nerd_face:

Officially, Roon does not support using a VPN. Next time the issue come up, would you just disable the VPN and see if Roon works (so doing just that, instead of also rebooting Mac, iPhone, etc.)?

Hey @Brent_McGowan,

I know it’s been a while, but, I didn’t want to close this thread before checking to see if we can help with anything? :nerd_face:

Hi Rebeka
Roon has been working fine since the Norton upgrade mentioned in the posts, however today Roon will not play at the bottom of the screen to get the music to the C658. It indicates it is playing next to the song but not below where the control buttons are. Any suggestions on how to fix this?



I did try rebooting Roon several times and also the iMac several times and also the Nad

Hi @Brent_McGowan, can you share a recording of what you’re seeing here?

I had Definitive audio help me with this issue last night. I had to unplug the Nad C658 and restart it and then Roon would play.
I sure wish Roon would get a tech support group that could be reached by chat or even better phone so it could help guys like me that are not that tech savvy. It is frustrating to have to wait a day or so and then be asked to provide Roon with information I’m not sure how to get or send.
Please forward this comment to management in the hopes that on day they will provide easier tech support for guys like me.

Thank you,