Roon stops playing no matter what end point

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the update. Keep me posted!


Ok it’s safe to say it was the network. It played overnight with no problem. Time to go shopping

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Has anybody tried those google nest ones? The older ones had an Ethernet output but I’m not sure about the newer ones.

I helped a friend set up a Google mesh network earlier this year. While easy to do, the performance left much to be desired. There was not much bandwidth available and the controls over the configuration were limited. In this case, we returned it and and he purchased an ASUS Zen WiFi AX8 3-node system which worked fine.

I also set up a Linksys Velop system for my parents and that worked very well also and was easy to configure. This did not provide the granularity of control I have with the ASUS systems I have implemented, but for my parents it worked well.

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Does the asus have a Ethernet output? The Hegel is not wireless

I will be one of the first to agree with, Robert. I have had great success with ASUS. I am almost certain that no ASUS product would be without multiple ports to utilize but if I am wrong, a small switch would easily remedy this. Please note, that my setup isn’t cheap and isn’t the only way to go. There are lots of solutions. It may even be the cable or port the cable is connected to!

Here’s my networking setup:

Motorola Modem using Xfinity 1gbps connection with an Asus RT-AX82U router.

Switch connected to ASUS for the two network drops on each side of my home.

One network drop is connected to a 5-port switch with an ASUS RP-AC1900 connected as part of the ASUS AiMesh system while the other (home office) is connected to a 20-port switch with the same ASUS RP-AC1900 model router/mesh.


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Yes, all mesh products have between 1-8 ports regardless of vendor, but the higher-end products tend to have more ports, to be used either for Ethernet backhaul or for connecting directly to the mesh node via an Ethernet cable.

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This may be getting more complicated and expensive then I’d like.
Do I need tri band or can I get away with dual? I really shouldn’t need a mega system as my house is rather small. 1500 sqf. I don’t use much Wi-Fi. My desktop is hard wired as is my main tv. I have a tv in the bedroom that is Wi-Fi but when it’s on it’s the only thing connected.the same can be said for a tv in my patio. I have an iPad and iPhone but if I’m listening to music I’ll likely be using one of those for a controller. Maybe some mild internet surfing while listening to music.
The only other that I might add would be a ring doorbell and possibly a security camera or two.

Oh I forgot to add that I would like 2 end points. One for my living room and one for my patio. They do not need to both be playing at the same time.

I believe you can always start with a two-node mesh system and add a third node if necessary, as long as the product family you use allows for additonal nodes… I prefer tri-band for the control and capacity (one of the bands can be used exclusively for mesh connections providing a good user experience) as WiFi use continues to grow, but you may not need to worry about that as much. I would focus on a WiFi 6 (AX) system also.

OK I’m going to bite the bullet and order the Asus units only twin pack so no Roon in the Patio but I guess thats ok seeing as that system is really not that good and that is mainly background music and not critical listening. Should be here Thursday. Stand by!

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Please keep us posted. We’re here to help and I’m personally excited for you!

Have a great weekend.


Mark, as @Wes noted, we are here to help. Looking forward to your updates.

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I got them early. I did the quick set up but they don’t seem to work for Roon. The wireless part is working and if I plug a laptop in the Ethernet of the. Node it works as well but the Hegel doesn’t see it. I called customer service and they said it should be plug and play. Is there more configuration I need to do?

Further confirming the Asus routers are working I connected the bluesound to the node and it’s working flawlessly.
With the blueos

Roon. Does not see the bluesound either

This seems to be a potential IP network address issue. Does your mobile device see the Core when the mobile device is on WiFi?

That’s exactly what I thought but didn’t know how to change it. I do see the Roon core on the old Wi-Fi from the cable modem but not from the Asus Wi-Fi

Is the core now connected to the ASUS instead of the Xfi router?

One other thing. Since you now have your own setup, the Xfi Gateway should be in bridge mode. This makes it function solely as a modem instead of the modem/router combo.

Please keep us posted!


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That didn’t work the Asus routers would no longer connect. I think I’m about ready to throw in the towel. Great software but I’m about at my wits ends