Roon stops playing no matter what end point

Roon Core Machine

Intel(R) Core™ i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz
16.0 GB (15.8 GB usable)
64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Windows 10 Pro
Version 21H2
Lenovo Think center M929 SFF

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Cable modem Xfinity Dual band 802.11 ac
Also useing those plug in the wall outlet adapters to get ethernet in another room. (They seem to work fine)
AVG anitvirus. I do use a VPN but problem stays even if I turn it off.

Connected Audio Devices

Hegel H 390
Bluesound Vault 2-1DFF
I’m only useing one or the other.never both at the same time and only one is hooked up at a time no switch at that end.

Number of Tracks in Library

No Library only streaming Qobuz Just trialing both

Description of Issue

I’m useing a windows 10 computer for the roon core.I have tried 2 end points a Hegel H 390 and a Bluesound Vault 2-1DFF and in both cases after a few minutes of play it just stops playing.
I thought it was that the computer would fall asleep but thats not the case even if I stay on the computer surfing or what not it still does it. When I went to the settings and selected audio I seen that the hegel was in there 14 times as an end point but it doesn’t seem like the Bluesound does that. I’m sure it’s my core set up but not sure what settings to change.

Hi @Mark_Alphonse,

I and others will be happy to help with this. Please finish filling out your support template by editing your initial post. This information gives us a lot more to go on when attempting to isolate your problems.


At this point I’m only streaming Qobuz

How do I edit my post and what did I not complete?

Below the post, click on the ellipsis, and then the pencil icon. You can then provide details about your setup including network etc.

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All updated


That doesn’t seem right, but probably not causing your current problem.

Does a Qobuz trial period have a time limit as far as playing?

No I can stream to a wireless speaker as long as I like
That seems to be a common problem Hegel amps showing up more the once

I tried to do some low rez files from internet radio and have the same result

@Mark_Alphonse, you mentioned that you are using what I believe are HomePlug powerline Ethernet extenders, is this correct? Also, how is your Core and Hegel connected to your network, directly to the Xfinity router, via WiFi, or using a HomePlug Ethernet connector and port?

The behavior you are experiencing leads me to think of network issues (Roon requires a strong network to maintain synchronization between the Core and endpoints).

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Yes I’m using powerline extenders. If you are correct I guess roon is not going to be for me as a hardwire from room to room is not an option.

@Robert_F, I think you were on to something. I changed the cheesey cable that came with the wall adaptors with a real cat 6 and so far no drop outs. I guess cables do make a difference :wink: Who knew!! I’m not ready to buy a lifetime subscription just yet but so far so good.
It still does get a bit wonky in that when it changes from album to radio it gets confused and has trouble figureing out what to play next but after an attemp or two off it goes, I can live with that.
I’ll keep you all up to date if that fix is permanent. Thanks all

Appreciate the update, glad it has stabilized for you Mark. I’ll mark this as solved based on the cable replacement.

Cables might make a difference if they dont meet spec for use or have some physical issue.


Well poop it starting dropping again, I even tried adding a switch at the receiving end but it still drops. I’ll hang around for another week or so to see if anyone has any more network solutions. If not I guess its back to Amazon and Bluesound.

Mark, while it is not what Roon recommends for general networking best practices, have you thought about a WiFi mesh network in place of the HomePlug solution you are using now? Newer-generation WiFi mesh solutionstend to be very good and robust, but it does require more investment on your side, and depending on how many devices you have connected, the layout of your home, the materials in your home (which may block WiFi signals based on range), etc. you may still have issues.

I have set up a number of mesh networks (I have one myself) and they all perform well, and my Roon network is all wireless.

Thanks Robert, I’ll do a bit of homework

Robert, are suggesting that I move the Roon core to the receiving end of the Wi-Fi network. If so why not just do that with regular wi fi?
My Wi-Fi is pretty good. The reason hardwire is out is that i have vaulted ceiling’s and live in SW Florida. That’s not an attic anyone wants to go into.
I guess I could try with a laptop but both of mine are pretty outdated
If that’s the case can I change the computer that has the core. I really don’t want to build a Nuc just yet as I’m still in trial mode.

Hi @Mark_Alphonse,

I had a chance to look at the logs and I will show you below what I found:

09/13 18:32:55 Trace: [raat] [Hegel H390 () @] => Connecting
09/13 18:32:57 Warn: [raat_ll/client] [Hegel H390 () @] failed to connect No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it
09/13 18:32:57 Trace: [raat] [Hegel H390 () @] => ConnectionFailed
09/13 18:32:57 Trace: [raat] [Hegel H390 () @] client connection failed. Retrying in 500ms
09/13 18:32:57 Info: Alert: : No Audio device selected! Choose an output below, then try again.
09/13 18:32:57 Warn: AddTopLevel: win_alert(2396)
09/13 18:32:57 Info: Alert: : No Audio device selected! Choose an output below, then try again.
09/13 18:32:57 Trace: [raat] [Hegel H390 () @] connecting (attempt 2)
09/13 18:32:57 Trace: [raat] [Hegel H390 () @] => Connecting
09/13 18:32:59 Info: [stats] 5691mb Virtual, 390mb Physical, 61mb Managed, 1965 Handles, 144 Threads
09/13 18:32:59 Info: [library] saved recent ProfileId=7fbc99cb-267d-4d1f-9da8-c026b683c20b Time=9/13/2022 10:32:58 PM DataType=album Type=long_nav MetadataId=714617 ContentId=714617 LibraryId= Text= Genre=
09/13 18:33:00 Warn: [raat_ll/client] [Hegel H390 () @] failed to connect No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it
09/13 18:33:00 Trace: [raat] [Hegel H390 () @] => ConnectionFailed
09/13 18:33:00 Trace: [raat] [Hegel H390 () @] client connection failed. Retrying in 750ms

This error happens 3000 times from yesterday to today.

I too noticed that the H390 shows up as a device instance many times.

One thing I have learned in my own setup is that the Xfinity gateway products didn’t work for me. I had the homepod that they provide as an extender or mesh system too.


Ensure your Xfi Gateway is set to broadcast 2.4 and 5ghz networks separately and utilize 2.4 for your audio setup ONLY when absolutely necessary. 5ghz offers better bandwidth and is less susceptible to interference.

Connect your Lenovo to your router directly and see if the problem still exists. If the problem is still present, try to connect your Hegel to the router. Both are just to assist in the process of elimination.

Let us know what happens. I’ve reopened the thread and will be watching!


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Wes, the Lenovo was always plugged into the router. I did move the Hegel into that room and it is connected right to the router. It is playing now……we will see for how long