ROON stops playing repeatedly [Solved]

Hello, I am trying to play ROON over a hard wired 1Gb network from a Synology NAS DS214+ via a DELL Precision M3800. The Hi-Fi connection is straight to a Meridian Explorer DAC. Albums/tracks stop playing after 1 minute or so. This is a constant not occasional problem so I need a solution as soon as I can get one.

I am aware of a possibly related problem. Mapped network drives in Win 7 do not automatically reconnect at logon though this is checked. I am about to change over to Windows 10 so I am not putting much effort in to this area.

I have played about as much as possible with my PC and NAS sleep and hibernate settings and checked out the settings for media server within the NAS.

All to no avail and it just witches off.

Do you have any advice or areas that I should investigate?



After they stop playing, can you start them again? Or do you have to reconnect somehow? When they stop playing, can you still access the NAS files from your laptop?

I have a similar problem. The playback stops from time to time (but not exactly after 1 minute). After it I have to restart the playback and the trac continue to play from the point where it has stopped.

Have you tried eliminating the NAS by connecting a USB disk with some audio files and seeing if Roon still stops after 1 minute?


Hello folks,
I should not have implied that playback stops after exactly one minute but it is around 1 to 2 minutes and certainly only a very short time. I can start it again instantly just by pressing the play button. I am only trialling the software for the minute and will check over the weekend regarding the time before play ceases and if, when I press play again it is the same track or just the same album.

I will also investigate as to whether the NAS is reachable from my laptop. I am pretty sure it is but I am equally sure that mapped network drives under Windows 7 need to be refreshed before I start up.

I like the USB disc idea and will also try this if I can.

All the best,


I too I am having the same problem or a similar one.

I have Roon server installed in my main room attached to the HiFi via usb. The PC the core is running on is attached to my wifi network and music is stored on a local usb drive. (No NAS.) Playing music works fine on there either from my own library or from Tidal.

When I use Roon remote on my office PC attached to the same network playback to the Office PC speakers stops every minute or two. This is the same for both my own music and for music from Tidal. I don’t think I have managed to play a complete song yet form either my own library or from Tidal. I can usually restart playback by pressing pause and play but not always.

This does not seem to have got any attention yet from the Roon team but it is very frustrating for me as I am sure it is for you guys. Have you found anything that helps?

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I was wondering if this was due to issues with my network so had a quick look at the traffic monitor on my wireless router. Just before play stops it seems that netowrk traffic doubles and stays high. When I click on the slider bar music starts again and network traffic drops back to where it was. You can see this happening twice on this trace. The point where the trace drops to zero is where I hit pause just to see of this was all streaming music data. This was for streaming from my own library to the office pc. I get similar traces with straming from Tidal but also additional internet traffic (orange trace) at the start of each song, presumably when a file is downloading. I can download files over the network from the office location at 10 times these rates so this does not seem like a network capacity issue.

Hello folks,
I must say I have been well impressed with the quality of various comments so far received, so many thanks.

I have, over the weekend, had some considerable success as follows. Thinking about the info from Philr I took the unprecedented step of reading the help provided for my Synology DS214+. I was looking for whatever might ensure a smooth media stream. The NAS has a default music server directory presumably with performance appropriate to its function which I was not using. I had created some other media directories but NOT as sub-directories of the main default music server and hence not inheriting its properties. Hence within the NAS I have a default media server directory and other separate general purpose directories that I have as it happens filled with mp3 files as part of my adopting a fully networked structure.

With all my FLAC media now within the music server directory all switching off/stopping playing has disappeared. I played music for two 1.5 hour sessions with zero problems.

I am supposing that a music server has capabilities to ensure a smoothed data flow. I also note that Philr is using a wireless router. In this old ruin of a house I have 4-5 feet thick walls that ensure a near 98% packet loss and speed reduction from 1Gbps to 30Mbps. What is left of the music sounds like a demented flea in a tin can. Needless to say Wi-Fi is not longer part of the equation but I had eliminated this some while ago with the adoption of copper.

The Meridian Explorer DAC seems to work.

I cannot be sure that I have success but the change has been dramatic. I shall report back further.

All the best,


I am still having this problem with Roon 1.1. Things are better but playback on my Office PC still stops every 4 or 5 minutes rather than every minute or two before. Network traffic characteristics are the same as in my earlier post. Can anything be done?

Hey @philr – is the office PC running as remote? Can you give us a little more information about your network?

What you’re describing sounds network related to me, but let’s make sure I’m understanding things correctly before we look into troubleshooting.

Let me know and we’ll figure this out. Thanks!

Thanks for following up. Yes the office PC is running as a remote and I suspect that it is a network issue too.

I have Roon installed in my main listening room on a PC that is attached to the DAC via usb. This is the Roon Server and the PC runs windows 10 and is attached to my wifi network via a wireless router (Linksys AC1200/RE6500) being used as a network work access point and extender to the rest of the house. Music is stored on a local usb drive attached to this PC. (The NAS I have is only used for backup.)

The office PC is attached to the same network and runs Windows 7 and is running Roon as a remote. This PC is attached via cable to a wireless router (Asus RT-AC68) that is connected to the internet.

Everything plays fine in the main room, even when playback is controlled from the remote PC. This is both with Tidal and with my own library.

The stopping occurs when playing to the private audio output on the office PC. I get the same stopping with streaming music from Tidal and with music from my own libarary. I can restart playback by clicking somewhere on the progress slider (or next or previous) but not by clicking on pause and stop.

I have a couple of airplay devices in other rooms and playback is fine to them as well. I can play something different to them at the same time as playing to the office PC and both work but the private audio output on the office PC still keeps stopping every few minutes.

I hope this is clear enough. Let me know if you need more information.


Hi @philr, I’m going to follow up with you via PM to grab some logs. Hang tight!

Hello at last Ratbert,

Sorry to be so slow in replying. Yes I have tried something similar to what you suggest. I loaded a few CD’s on to the hard drive of my laptop and unfortunately the problem remained.

I had already set the various hibernate and sleep settings to off but revisited these last night to switch off anything that might have the smallest impact on continuous availability. Bingo. Everything worked fine and seamlessly with no cracks, pops or more likely just switching off.

I changed quite a lot so I am not sure where the problem originated. It does seem likely that it was a power switching issue.

I am now well pleased and will probably proceed to a server type set up. It does seem to me that we are heading toward reinventing Sooloos but working over a conventional LAN.

Next and unrelated step is some really cheap Meridian DSP5200’s with Speaker Link.

All the best,


I have a similar or the same problem as well. I use also a Synology device (EDS14) to host my music files. They are encoded as .flac.
Also my Sonos Speakers and Synology’s DS-Audio app access the share.
The main installation of Roon is on a MacMini (connected over Ethernet) running the dedicated RoonServer application. I tried to play some music on my MacBook Pro and it constantly stops playing. Roon does not seem to loose the connection to the server and I can hit the play button again to resume playback.

Hi Chris,

Mike is having a well earned break, but we’ll ask @kevin and @vova to look in to this thread and see if they can assist.


Hi andybob,
thanks for your reply. I just made a clean library and added my music again. Currently it seems to work fine, but I have not setup all my speakers yet. If the problem reoccurs I will let you know. :slight_smile:

Pleased to hear that Chris,

There is also a new build coming out in the next few days which has some connection issue fixes. Hopefully whatever it was will be fixed by those and never recur.

I’ll mark this thread [Solved] as it doesn’t seem to require further attention from the devs at the moment. If the issue recurs or anything else happens where you would like assistance please feel free to open a new thread in Support.

Hello Andybob,
In my last email I said I had discovered some network problems. I have been working on the topic of Roon switching off because the problem persists. Certainly for me the problem is not solved. Roon switches off after say 5-10 minutes and is not really usable. The following is the current situation:

I am only networking music from our library over a hard wired 1 Gb/s connection and have switched off Wi-Fi. This is not a problem for me. I did this because the analysis software on my PC tells me the Wi-Fi link is rubbish and I wanted to be sure Roon was not switching between the two…

I have checked out every Cat 5 connection from our router which is a 1Gb/s Draytek Vigor 2830n. There was one cross connected pair to a laser printer and this has been corrected . All 8 wires in all Cat 5 cables are correct.

Roon tells me signal quality in my office is fine but in the diner it is poor. The distance involved is significantly further but I do not know id this is an important parameter. Hence my next step appears to be further analysis of my network.

Please can you recommend a PC LAN analyser software package favoured by your technical team. Clearly this needs to cover parameters appropriate to Roon.

How does use of a conventional LAN compare with Meridian practice.

Many thanks,


Hi Geoff,

Sorry to hear that this issue is still preventing you from enjoying Roon and music. Let’s set some notifications for @vova and @brian . Also, if he is able to, it may be that Daniel, @rugby , is able to reccomend a tool or make a suggestion.

Other than described in your latest post, has your setup changed from as described in the first post in this thread ?

I’ll remove the [Solved], hope we can put it back soon.

I am still having this issue too, though the work around for my office PC was to install Shairport as an airplay device on that PC and select that output from any Roon remote on my network, including the same PC. It seems that the compression with Airplay solves the problem so maybe its a network capacity issue for me (though there is still plenty available and I can stream different things to multiple Airplay devices at once which takes up even more network bandwidth than a single stream in WAV.) Also I think Airplay does some buffering so maybe that is it.

Using Shairport also allows me to group the office PC with other Airplay devices I have around the house. However they are a long way out of sync with each other and I haven’t found a way to fix that yet. (I have the same problem with iTunes so this is not a Roon issue.) Anyone any ideas?