Roon stops playing when any endpoint (not in use) disconnects

Hi, Noris. But there is no “Google Cast Group” that I can find! I don’t know where that’s coming from. If you look at the posts in this thread from May 5, you’ll see the discussion of that.

  1. Frequently, every couple of hours.
  2. I can’t try that, as all three nodes are needed to cover the locations of the various endpoints.
  3. As described in the posts from May 5, that trace is from after I ungrouped the Chromecast zones. If you look at that post in full, you’ll see that the cascade of failure starts when Roon “discovered Google Cast Group”, but then failed to connect to it. It keeps trying to connect to this illusory group, and failing. Then Roon seems to start marching through the device map, systematically dropping each endpoint to rebuild the connection map. The disconnect of KDFOWI you point out is just one of them. Did you edit the trace? I see this in the post from May 5:
05/05 05:43:29 Trace: [raatserver] [RaatServer KFDOWI @] lost client connection. Retrying
05/05 05:43:29 Trace: [raatserver] [RaatServer KFDOWI @] connecting (attempt 1)
05/05 05:43:29 Info: [transport] destroyed zone Fire HD tablet was playing? False
05/05 05:43:29 Trace: [zone Fire HD tablet] Suspend
05/05 05:43:29 Info: [zone Fire HD tablet] Canceling Pending Sleep
05/05 05:43:29 Info: [zone Fire HD tablet] Canceling Pending Sleep

It’s not clear to me that the six lines from 05/05 05:43:29 are in strict order, given the vagaries of logging software.

Again, it’s helpful to see this whole chain in context in the post from May 5.

All of that being said, I think turning off Smart Connect helped a lot, and it may have been the proximate cause. I’m going to restore my Pi endpoint, and test for another week with build 970, and see if it’s fixed.

Google cast groups would be found in the Google home app. Also known as speaker groups.

I had a couple that were causing all sorts of issues, IP duplication etc. Just got rid of them in the Google home app and the issue went away.

Yes, I did have one. I deleted it, but some ghost cast group seemed to persist. That’s what the previous post was about.

Reset home completely and set it all up again. I have had to really balls up all my cc endpoints when I made a group. Even after removing it still had issues. Cleared home and started again and all was well after that.

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Hello @Bill_Janssen ,

I’m glad to hear that this change helped!

Did you have a chance to try to reset Google Home app?

If the Google Home reset doesn’t change anything, I wonder if this group could somehow be cached in your Roon database? It might be worth a try to temporarily set up a fresh Roon database and see if this Google Group re-appears in the logs.

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I’ve been playing with my setup, trying to stop playback, and have been unsuccessful. I think I’ll declare this one fixed. If it recurs, I’ll open a new Support thread.

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