Roon storage configuration on TS-473

From Roon’s recommendations for running Roon on a QNAP TS-473, below, an optimal NAS configuration is:

  • 1 bay with a small SSD (120GB, about $40 right now) for the Roon Server install and the Roon database
  • 2 bays with 6TB drives, RAID1 (mirrored)
  • 1 bay with 6TB drive for weekly backup off the mirrored set"

My question is, since the TS-473 has 4 HDD bays and one M.2 SSD slot, why waste a drive bay to the SSD instead of the M.2 slot? in which case I can run RAID 5 with the 4 bays with 4X6TB drives?

Or am I missing something?

Not sure on QNAP devices but Synology m.2 drives can’t be used for storage afaik.

I stand corrected

Hmm, that would not be good. It would be a waste of valuable HDD slot to install a small SSD just for the Roon codes

Maybe, use an external SSD and attach to a USB 3.0 port?

Note an SSD drive and USB flash memory stick are very different beasts. Do not use the latter.

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On QNAP m.2 storage can be used as well.


That’s handy to know…I heard somewhere that Synology was going to support this too at some stage, but not currently.

So does it mean that I can install the Roon code in the SSD and have a proper 3+1 RAID 5 configuration?

Yes, that should work.
I can create a new shared folder and select the m.2 SSD or the HDDs in the tray (3+1):

DataVol1 is a m.2 SSD
DataVol2 are spinning disks

Hi - my first post here, but I’ve been reading a lot and have today setup a TS-473 and am listening to streamed MQA as we speak - so I’m a fan!

I did have a small hitch earlier though when trying to create the storage pool on my 120Gb SSD (as specified in the knowledge base). It seems that since QTS version 4.2 you need at least 144Gb available (i.e. after to create a storage pool. Fortunately the local PC shop had a 240Gb in stock so it didn’t slow me down too much - but assuming I’m not missing a trick, it might be worth an update to the minimum spec in the knowledge base?

Other than that everything went pretty well and I’m up and running so thanks everyone for these posts!

Hi Dave,

Forgive my ignorance. What are you using the SSD for? I am not aware of the concept of storage pool using the SSD.

My understanding is the SSD would be used to host the Roon program and database?

@agentsmith - I followed this guide to setting it up, where they create a storage pool and volume for the SSD before installing the Roon server on it. I think (but I’m not 100% sure) that you need to do this to make the disk available for selection when you come to use it. I’ve been using QNAP NASs as file servers for a few years now, but this is the first time I’ve installed SSD, so I tried to follow the Roon specs and QNAP guides to the letter :slight_smile:

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Thanks, these are good step by step instructions.

Just a side question for those who know. I currently have a huge Roon database on my Mac Mini with multiple USB drives for music, and a lot of tag customisations and playlists.

Is there a seamless way to migrate the database after I move all the music to the NAS drive?


I’m thinking of buying the TS-473. Can anybody recommend an SSD that I can buy from the likes of Amazon that I can use for the Roon Server install and the Roon database. I’ve never experienced using SSD before, so should I go for an internal SSD or an external? If internal is the way to go, how easy are they to install on the NAS?


Hi, I use the QNAP TS-473 and run Roon on an internal M.2 SSD. The Minimum I would suggest is a 128 Gb but you can larger if you want to use it for other data. They are simple to fit, it takes longer to remove the case cover, 10 to 15 minutes in total to do the job. Using an M.2 SSD will leave the other 4 bays on the QNAP for storage of your music files etc.

This link will take you to the compatibility list for the TS-473 on their website:-

This is a link for a Crucial 250 Gb internal SSD drive but there are others, it’s really up to you: -

There are plenty videos out there showing how to fit them but they are honestly so easy to do.

I’m sure there are plenty of members that will suggest various options and will help you out during the install if you go down that road.

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Thanks Scotav,

Funnily enough I’d looked at that Crucial SSD yesterday, so just taken the plunge and ordered it. NAS arriving Friday, so no doubt I’ll be on here looking for advice of some kind lol.

Hi - I’ve also got a TS-473 and use a Seagate 240gb ironwolf SSD In the first bay - run all the QNAP apps on this as well as ROON. Really impressed with the NAS especially as a server for photos etc which is an added bonus. I think the route your taking makes better sense in hindsight but don’t skimp on the capacity. Also you need more than 4gb of RAM despite this being the recommended minimum. My set up was consistently running at >80% of memory capacity which caused it to freeze occasionally. Since updated to 20gb which is OTT, but as it was a cheap offer - now fine.

I agree with David regards the RAM. I fitted 2 X 8 Gb of Crucial RAM right from the word go. I’m easily able to stream Roon and use some fairly memory heavy programs without any issues. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

I would echo those thoughts on RAM. I added an extra 8Gb t my TS-473 (making 12Gb in total) and saw noticable improvements in response times. Even if the NAS is dedicated for Roon, by the time you account for the QTS processes and any backup / sync jobs you might schedule, that 4Gb gets used up pretty quickly.

Hi @Scotav

Don’t suppose you could point me to a good video showing how to fit the SSD? Most of the searches I pulled up were for fitting SSD in to a PC.
I did find this one though,, seems like it should work? The guy mentions cache, is that something that most people use for Roon, or for Roon is a basic installation sufficient?