Roon Storage line showing when opening Finder

I have been running Roon on my Mac Mini as the core and with a QNAP NAS as the source for music files. A couple of months ago I switched the core to my MacBookPro because I was going to be traveling. Upon getting my Mac Mini up and running again I’ve noticed that when I completely shut down and restart the Mac Mini a Finder window automatically opens with the following at the top: RoonStorage_4a27dbbf7f60a664914a7912b2bdcae812a7f22

If I close the Finder window and open it again Finder goes to my default Dropbox folder. I have not yet setup the Mac Mini as the Roon core or as a remote and the NAS drive is also not yet reconnected to the system. My question is about why this Roon Storage header is showing up in Finder. I am running MacOS High Sierra v 10.13.6.

Thank you for your assistance.

Thanks for sharing your report with us, @SJC.

Below is an article that details how to view (and change) your default folder for finder. Can you follow the steps listed here and let me know if the folder that you listed above is currently set as the default?


Thank you Dylan, I have my Finder preferences now set to open to my Dropbox folder and since asking the question about the Roon Storage file I’ve made the Mac Mini the Core again and the problem seems to have gone away. However I would like to know where that Roon Storage file is and why that was persisting in the Finder window. Does that have to do with the Roon preferences backup? Thank you for your help.