Roon & Storage Synology

Using ZenMini / Roon Version 1.7 / build 500
Network wise using Linksys Node / 5G

Audio output KEF LS50 Wireless by USB to ZenMini (Roon Core)

Trying to configure additional Storage and Backup but can’t be successful in config
Can I add a snapshot to be more specific ?

Hi @Nuno_Mesquita,

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Yes, please do share a screenshot of what you’re seeing. Where are you trying to save this backup, is it to a NAS? If so - can you provide more information as to the model of the NAS?

Using a SYNOLOGY DS4xx

For the network share location the proper format is:
\\\Share Folder Name
So if you are keeping your music on your NAS in the shared folder “MyMusic”, it would be:
Using an IP address is reliable right now, but if your DHCP server changes the IP address your folder won’t be found. So be sure to set a fixed IP address in your router.
Also, be sure to have Enable SMB service checked under File Services on the Control Panel.

Replies Error.
Either I keep it only Network Location or fill in all the fields…

Workgroup can be left blank. I don’t know if that matters.
You can also try:

Username and Password are those of the NAS, but you probably know that.

Hi @Nuno_Mesquita,

Can you please try smb:// in the Network Share Location field?
If that does not work, does \\MesquitaHome\MyHDaudio?

Unfortunately doesn’t work…
And yes I’m using the NAS and accessing with these credentials = )

Could you show a screenshot of what you see when you select that Shared Folder (via Control Panel) and click Edit?

Sure. Here it is. Any ideas ?

Is myHOME the share name not myhdaudio?

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Replace ‘MyHDaudio’ you used before with the shared folder name ‘myHome’.
so \\MesquitaHome\myHome
That is the shared folder you are adding. Then you’ll be able to go to that shared folder and share any individual directory, which I presume is the MyHDaudio.
edit: you may need myHOME as it could very well be case sensitive.

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Thank You


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Awesome! Glad you are up and running Nuno!

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Hi @Nuno_Mesquita,

Glad to hear that specifying that folder instead worked on your end!
Greatly appreciate the help here @grossmsj :slight_smile:

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