Roon stream over the internet?

Can Roon stream over the internet?

I’d like to listen to my Roon library while at work on my laptop.

The source would be the Roon server running on my Mac mini at home.


Right now it’s only possible using a VPN:

From another post:

Roon uses TCP ports within the 9100-9200 range for communicating with remote controls, along with UDP port 9003 for discovery.

I can connect to my RoonServer instance from work to home by forwarding ports 9100-9200 and 9003 UDP on my router and pointing Roon to my hostname - no VPN required for this.
However I can’t set any of my Private zones for playback so I guess RoonSpeakers is required.


I’m trying to connect over the internet to my Roon Core. I configured my home router to forward TCP 9100-9200 and UDP 9003 to my MacMini running Roon Server. This allows me to connect to my Roon Server from the office, but somehow it does not detect my local (office) audio outputs (‘Connected to my Mac’ section). Are these ranges still the only ports used by Roon? If so I should look into the firewall on the player end.


I have the same problem. I did port forwarding with the ports mentioned and I can connect to my Roon Server at home with my Android smartphone while on mobile data, but I cannot choose the local audio output of my phone. Only the ones I have at home. As soon as I switch from mobile data to Wi-Fi at home the audio output of the phone appears…
Any ideas?


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I think this is because Roon Server will only see outputs on the same subnet. If you VPN into your home network this should work.

Are there any plans to change this later? I’d really like to be able to connect to my Core for metadata browsing, but then stream Tidal content straight from the source. That way I keep bandwidth costs down for my home and access the closest Tidal server too

A good robust mobile solution is on the roadmap for Roon, but no timing has been announced and I don’t personally expect to see it in 1.3. There are many users looking forward to a mobile solution (this little black duck for one).

Looking into the medium term future I have seen @brian refer to everyone’s music eventually being stored in the Cloud. That would be a game changer for a mobile solution.


Any more news on this topic?
Would be great to be able to use Roon somewhat like you do with Plex for movies.

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Just started using Roon, hopefully this mobile access is still in the works? It’s the only missing piece to a complete ecosystem. I would be happy to be able to replace Plex with Roon for on the go listening.

The devs intend to develop a mobile solution for Roon, but there is no public information about timeframe. I regard it as a long term goal, more than a short or medium likelihood.

Thanks @andybob I appreciate the update. I’ve set up my Surface Go as a core and am going to take that to work and try that as my quasi-mobile solution. I’m loving the software so much I frankly don’t want to use anything else now!

I cant wait for the mobile on the go version. Its the sole reason for building a NUC server on my network (my desktop core gets turned off). I would love comment from Roon even if they said its going to be a few years. Even then I wouldn’t hold them to it.


I use web casting solution per below:


I lost war on setting up VPN. This seems to be the next best thing. It comes with price thou. About 6 sec latency. Can get annoying sometimes but I am tremendously enjoying it inside my daily commuter vehicle.

Most web casting servers have transcoding (to mp3) capability so easier on bandwidth usage + no jamming. I do not require hifi during commuting.

PS. I think “Nicecast” is no longer available. I am too lazy to dig a freeware for you guys.

any action on this? I check in with Roon from time to time to see if they’ve figured out remote streaming. I spend half my life at work, and that just ain’t gonna work if they don’t Remote.

yes I agree, it would be enough with L3 support so that we could use Wireguard or ZeroTier tunnels. This is my most wanted feature for 2022. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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as off October 2022 there is still no support for pure L3 VPN tunnels. ARC isn’t working when I connect through a Wireguard tunnel. Really sad. I’ve to make an extra effort and install a mDNS repeater. #feedback:feature-suggestions please add support for L3 tunnel. I have a Roon Docker container running that is connected to 3 different VLAN networks and I’m able to control Roon but no luck when trying to listen over L3 VPN. Please consider this as a valid use case Roon.

ARC is, almost, working for me over L3 tunnel. I just don’t have Qobuz working but Tidal and local files work.

Maybe start a new thread with details of your set-up and we can get closer to working. I believe Roon believes that ARC should work over L3 tunnels but lack of logs makes it a bit difficult to troubleshoot when it stops working.