Roon streaming to Sonos speakers

Core Machine HP PC Pavilion Wave Desktop 600 i5 8.00GB Ram/ Windows 10/Roon Version 1.7 Build 555 Stable 64 Bit

Connected via Ethernet to BT Router Smart Hub 2. I have BT Complete WIFI with two discs in use to improve WIFI coverage.

I have a Uniti Atom Streamer and have a Qobuz subscription. I have seven sonos speakers in various rooms around the house. Four Sonos 1, two Sonos 5 and a Sonos Move.

I can stream from the Sonos App (set up on Sonosnet network) without any issues with all speakers in use at the same time. Tracks can be paused or new tracks selected with immediate reaction time.
The Atom is connected via ethernet to the router and works with no problem using Roon or Qobuz.

If I try to use Roon on all Sonos speakers at the same time I get massive delays randomly from all speakers.

I know very little about networking but when I go into the BT App it says all my sonos speakers are connected to the discs. Do they need to be disconnected?

Should I buy a mesh network system and ditch BT although I do not know if the BT discs I am using give me a mesh network?

Am I barking up the wrong tree. I would be very very grateful if someone could solve my issue because I have been struggling with this for as very long time.

Hi @Stephen_Gay,

Are the Sonos speakers connected via SonosNet or WiFi? I have seen some reports of issues with SonosNet in the past, so as the first step I would ensure that they are connected to the WiFi, or even better - via Ethernet.

When you are streaming to all of them, what does the Signal Path look like in Roon? Can you share a screenshot?

I’m wondering if your Processing Speed is dropping close to 1x percentage (meaning the hardware can’t keep up with the playback to all the zones).

The Roon app handles all processing on the Core first as compared to the native Sonos app, so this processing speed should be monitored when playing to multiple zones at the same time or encountering playback issues.

Hello Noris.

Thanks for your reply.

I changed the Sonos from Sonosnet to WIFI and also purchased a TP link M5 mesh network thinking this would improve matters.

However turned off Sonosnet and connected the sonos speakers to the mesh network and now the roon core will not connect to my iPad at all.


I will check processing speed when I can reconnect to the core.

Where do I check the processing speed?



It’s in the signal path. See my phone screenshot

How do you have your Windows and remotes configured on the new router?
Have you turned off the WiFi functionality on your BT router or is that still active?

You might have accidentally set up two distinct subnets and your Core is on one subnet while the Roon Remotes are on another subnet.

Hello Noris.
Turned off the WIFI on my router. How do I check if I have set up two subsets?
I don’t understand what you mean regarding configuration of Windows and remotes.
Apologies I am a newbie in terms of networking.

Hi @Stephen_Gay,

A subnet is a “segmented network”, meaning that the IP address range of one network is different than the other, and Roon cannot support communication over multiple subnets, so it is important that all your devices are on the same subnet. Basically the IP address needs to be the same except for the last 3 digits (192.168.1.XYZ). That way all of your devices are able to communicate with each other.

Since turning off the router WiFi ,is the issue resolved?

Hello All.

Need your help urgently before I have a major breakdown!!!
I took the plunge and bought a Deco M5 mesh network system.
I have it set up as this.
Same core machine and roon version as stated previously.
Set up the M5 mesh network by ethernet to my BT Smart Hub 2. Placed a node on ground floor and 1st floor of my one storey house. Connected my sonos boost by ethernet to M5 main unit. Turned off wireless on the BT router.
I have connected my HP PC via ethernet to the node on the first floor.
My devices including iPad and smart phones connect nicely to my Deco WIFI.
I thought I had cracked it until again I tried to stream roon across a number of sonos speakers.
The dropouts and delays are worse than ever. NB I have my my mesh ser up as access points not router.
Can someone help. I would be muc indebted. Do I need a better mesh network system or am I doing something fundamentally wrong?
Thanks in anticipation.


Hi @Stephen_Gay,

I thought that you had previously turned connected the speakers to WiFi earlier. They should be able to connect directly to the WiFi without the boost (if I’m not mistaken). If you haven’t tried them without the boost and connected directly to the new mesh setup, I would try this

This would be helpful when you have a chance:


Hello Noris,

I am losing the will to live.

I have uploaded a screenshot above.

I would be so grateful if you could help me until I sort out my issue.



Hi @Stephen_Gay,

Thanks for that screenshot, it looks like your processing speed is ok. Was this screenshot from the time you experienced an issue?

I’d like to next take a look at logs but before I enable diagnostics mode for your account, can you please let me know the exact local time + date + track you next experience an issue?

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