Roon stuck midway copying for import -- Nucleus+

New user. Midway through my initial library copy to an internal SSD, it seems like my network went down for a second. Now when i click the spinner the status is stuck on “copying 10518 / 11901”

i’m hoping there’s some way for me to resume the copy as i have no idea what albums/tracks remain to be copied. (Worst case scenario i can fish around via SMB)

If i cannot resume the copying without stopping, is there a way for me to stop the process, delete whatever albums were mid-copy. and copy over the remaining albums in a way that will not corrupt the database?

If its easiest, i’m happy just reformatting the hd and starting from scratch. not sure how to stop the stuck process and reset the database / nucleus though.

any help would be appreciated #support:nucleus-support

The spinner of your OS (Windows?) copy dialog?

Check your file copy dialog, there should be a way/button to stop the process. If there is additional information available in the dialog, you may have to click somewhere to unfold, you can probably see there where (file/folder) the copy process currently is.

I don’t see how your music files should corrupt Roon’s database. Common reasons for database corruption are hardware related: defective RAM or storage drive.

Roon/Roon OS does not do that. This is you using some other machine (it’s OS) to copy the files. You can use the following links to search for information: MacOS; Windows

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