Roon Stuttering on MacBook Pro WiFi

I have a Roon Nucleus and a bunch of Roon endpoints throughout the house. When playing through my PC to a Chord Hugo TT 2, music often stutters. What I mean is it will stop temporarily (half a second) and start back up. Sometimes many times per song.

This has been an issue on and off for a couple of years. Not sure if it’s only when streaming or when pulling tracks off the Nucleus hard drive.

The computer is connected via wifi; it’s not hard wired. However, I have 10 GB service and I’m right next to the wifi antenna and the computer can receive well over 500 Mbps.

I don’t experience this issue with other Roon endpoints. Only my computer. Computer is the most recent version of the MacBook Pro. Ram, processor speed, etc are all latest and greatest.

Assuming the TT is wired to the Mac, check that you’ve got exclusive mode enabled in Roon.

I’d also try connecting the PC via Ethernet and see if that helps.
I’m assuming the Nucleus is connected via Ethernet.

Thanks for the response. The TT is hardwired via USB to the MacBook. The Nucleus is connected to the switch via ethernet. There isn’t any feasible way to get ethernet to the MacBook. It should have plenty of bandwidth to handle the stream.

I’ll give exclusive mode a shot. Thanks.

Looks like it was already in exclusive mode.

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Hi @Juston_Smithers,

Thank you for the report. The assist the tech support team with our investigation, can you please clarify the following details per your experience with this issue?

  1. Do you encounter stuttering or dropouts in the audio stream with no DSP engaged?
  2. Does this occur with both streaming (Qobuz/Tidal) content as well as local library content?
  3. Please paste a screenshot of the Signal Path within Roon for the setup that most reliably triggers this problem.

We’ll be watching for your response. Thank you for your patience!

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