Roon sudden crash on Mac

Hi @support,

Roon core crashes when switching titles on Roon remote. Here’s the setup in question:

  • Roon version 1.3 (build 209)

  • Mac OS X 10.11.6

  • Mac Pro 1,1 16 GB RAM

  • Music is stored on local hard drives

  • Collection size appr. 25,000 tracks

  • Remote client on iPad Air 2, latest OS and Roon app

  • Roon core crashes when playing back TIDAL 16/44 FLAC files (Hifi) and switching from title to title in Roon client, i.e. skipping forward or backward using the control buttons.

  • Tidal account is from Germany.

  • Album that caused the issue:

  • Library synch time: current time

  • Output used: Meridian MS200, up-to-date firmware

  • Sample rate conversion enabled (Max PCM rate, Minimum Phase filter)

Attached are screenshots of the output settings.

Any thoughts? If you need any other information (crash logs etc.), please let me know.


Hi @AndreasW ---- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. We would like to take a look at your logs to see if we can pin point what is causing this behavior to occur. I will be contacting you momentarily via PM with instructions.