Roon suddenly disappeared

Roon Core Machine

HP Elite Notebook i5, 8Gb RAM Window 11

Connected Audio Devices

Modem router > switch > wireless switch

Number of Tracks in Library

Not sure

Description of Issue

Last night my Roon shortcut icon changed to a non graphical blank icon. While clicking the icon, it said Roon.exe not found. I did a search could not found the any Roon.exe. The only thing that remaining in the Roon folder is the “RoonBackUp” folder.
Is there any way to fix it or do I need to reinstall Roon?


Hey @Andy_Chan,

Ben with the support team here, thanks for writing in! Thanks for your patience as well.

This is odd indeed! I see your core was online and active recently, are you still running into issues?

I’ll be on standby for your reply. Thanks! :pray:

All good now. I tracked down the .exe file and found it was changed to .oldexe. I amended it back to roon.exe and works well now.

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