Roon support for DSD format? DXD speed?

I realize these are different, but both relate to Roon’s abiliy to stream high-quality audio so I’m combining this into a single thread. I’m wondering:

(1) How does Roon handle DSD files? - I suspect it converts that to PCM and thus the value of an originally-recorded DSD file is lost - my roon-ready DAC supports DSD, and I have gigabit ethernet connecting it to my Neclueus+ server, so all the gear to carry and process such a stream - I’m wondering whethere there is any way to retain the benefit of the orgiainl DSD format and have roon deliver it as is to the DSD capable end point?

(2) DXD - I have some DXD files that have the benefit of having been originally master (recorded) as such - and I notice in the signal path that Roon is downgrating the original resolution of 352.8 Khz / 32 bit to 176.4 Khz / 24-64 bits float - is there no way to retain the original resolution and let the DXD capable DAC handle it?

thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

There are A LOT of variables in this answer, but, the base line is Roon supports bit perfect DSD playback just fine, I do it every night. Likewise with DXD rated files.

What Roon does is based on the abilities the DAC is telling Roon it can handle. This is pretty straight forward with PCM in the case of DXD. DSD gets a bit trickier with a lot more “it depends”.

So, what is your core and your DAC? And, perhaps a pic of the Signal Path. One thing to check is to make sure volume leveling is turned off, as DSP can cause a PCM conversion.


thanks @Rugby

The DAC I’m using is Mytek Brooklyn Bridge.
The core I use is Roon’s Nucleus+ server.
The DAC is connected to the core via ethernet (1 gigabit).

Here is a screenshot of streaming DXD track:

you can see the conversion from the original resolution of 352.8 Khz / 32 bit to 176.4 Khz / 24-64 bits float.

Per Mytek’s owner manual, the DAC is supposed to support this:

thanks for any insight on this

Based on the screen shot below, it would appear the Brooklyn Bridge DAC has limitations when using the network interface.

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Yep, many devices support different resolutions on different inputs. According to that spec sheet Speed Racer posted, you are capped to 192 PCM and 64 DSD over DoP via ethernet.

To be absolutely sure, I would suggest shooting an email mytek support.

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I guess my answer should have been “Contact Mytek”.

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