Roon takes a long time to load every time I start

I have an Intel i3 with 16 GB RAM. My music collection is on a Synology NAS with 336,000 songs.
Roon takes several minutes to load, and accessing through remote devices is so slow its makes it not worth the effort.

Any way to get it to load faster?

@Don_Faust What exactly is your cpu model and are you using ssd? 330k tracks is a lot and will take a few mins to load even on an i7-7700. Browsing is where you need the speed…loading will be slower if your not using an ssd for your OS. The nas is not the issue normally when performance is slow unless you are running the core on the nas.

I run my core 24/7 so don’t shut it down…that helps a lot :nerd_face: won’t improve your remote use tho…that’s just your core running out of puff

Hello @Don_Faust,

Can you please expand on what you mean by Roon is loading slowly? Is it loading albums slowly in general, is searching slow or is playback slow? Does this behavior occur across multiple Roon Remotes or is it limited to just one? Are you using an SSD?


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