Roon takes a while to start

Same here since many months.
My network is super stable : > 310 Mbps, ping 4ms.
Roon apps seats on IPAD PRO. ROON core on QNAP 473.
SMooth connection with Tidal from Tidal apps.
Multiple connection problems between Roon and Tidal,
Album identification probles all the time!
Everyday Roon warns me with notification:
“Error loading page, check your network connection”.
Dear Roon support Please help to fix my problem.
Otherwise I will seruosly consider to stop my licence renewal.

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Hello @Wlodzimierz_Iskra,

Sorry to hear about the difficulties, I’d be happy to help.

Can you clarify what exactly the issue is with album identification? Can you provide some examples of albums that Roon is identifying wrong?

What does your network setup look like, what is the model/manufacturer of your router and any switches/range extenders/powerline adapters/ect? Can you let me know how your Core is connected to the network, is it connected directly to the router?

Hi noris,
The problems I reported were occuring virtually everyday:
intermittent acccess to Tidal from Roon remote apps (IPAD Pro),
failures to manually identify some albums and all the time this
irritating message “error loading page, check your network connections”.
On the other hand me internet connections is very stable (325 Mbps, ping 4ms),
direct access to Tidal with from my ipad without any problems.
I was trying to fix the problem by changing DNS servers on my QNAP 473 (where the core seats)
but it did not help.
And finally I changed the security level of the firewall from medium to low on my router and guess what … all the
Problems dissappeared!
Now I need some help how to define all the necessary exclusions within router’s firewall
to use medium level of security within router’s firewall.
Any advice ?

Hi @Wlodzimierz_Iskra,

Glad to hear that the issues have subsided since adjusting the router firewall!

I’m not quite sure what the medium level does when compared to low level. Is multicast being properly passed through? What is the exact model of the router? We have a few common settings that can be found in our Networking Best Practices guide for common routers but for more specific adjustments you may want to consult with the router manufacturing company or take a look at your router’s manual.

The router model is Sagemcom Funbox 3.0
There is a choice of 3 firewall’s levels: low, medium and high, whatever it means plus “user level”.
Only “user level” allows manual customization of processes/ip’s/ports/…etc.
Just to remind: switching from medium to low level of firewall helped to get rid of the reported problems with Roon ->Tidal accessibility.
I am a bit concerned that switching the router firewall to the low level could be dangerous in terms of viruses vulnerability. Therefore, I am looking for your advise in terms of optimal solution.
Btw, I did not find in the router’s setup anything like “multicast”.

Hi @Wlodzimierz_Iskra,

Thank you for clarifying that aspect. I can’t comment on what the different firewall levels do, it might be best to reach out to the manufacturer for assistance in configuring specific firewall settings.

Generally speaking - we suggest that users do not use ISP-provided routers as we have often seen issues surrounding these types of devices, as mentioned in our Networking Best Practices guide.

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