Roon & Technics SL-G700

Anyone uses Roon with Technics SL-G700? It is not listed anywhere as Roon tested much less Roon ready, but it has built in Chromecast, so I assume it must function as an endpoint in any case. However I don’t know what it the maximum resolution with Roon via the chromecast protocol (there are claims that G700 does 176.4 w. the Qobuz app via ccast, that is above a chromecast dongle) and whether any metadata (eg album title) makes it to the display. Any insights/experience? Thank you.

Roon relies on a certain metadata tag the device puts out that indicates if it’s hires capable. Unfortunately this is not generally used by a lot of ChromeCast devices as it isn’t part of the authentication to get Chromecast status by the looks of things. Without this flag Roon falls back to standerd Chromecast support and won’t go higher than 48/24. You wont know this until you try it out. I have several Chromecast devices and only my CC audio will play hires the rest are all limited to 48/24 in Roon even though they can support higher.

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I’ve been using the Technics SL-G700 for about a year. In general, I like it very much: It plays almost every format on almost every platform and the sound is very good, especially with the SACD player. The software and firmware still need to be improved before the player reaches its potential. And yes, it works fine with Roon via Chromecast, but only with a resolution of up to 48 kHz. Some time ago there was a test that already described this behavior. Cant tell about the bit depth, there is no way to check. There’s no metadata on the display, but honestly, I really don’t need or miss it, there is almost no situation where I don’t run the player through Roon. My current workaround is a Hifiberry Digi + Pro connected via SPDIF (coaxial): resolution up to 192 kHz and MQA works as it should. The sound is also noticeably better …

Press the “info” button on the remote until you see the metadata. It does display it now. Great player.

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