Roon tested McIntosh C2700 preamp DA2 DAC

Roon Core Machine

Mac mini (2021)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

No VPN, Wi-Fi with nighthawk mesh. Xfinity is the provider.

Connected Audio Devices

USB connected to McIntosh c2700 preamp with DA2 DAC factory installed. I am receiving DSD 256 playback.

Number of Tracks in Library

10k tracks.

Description of Issue

I’m wondering if I’m only getting 256 playback from a 512 DSD file because Roon or McIntosh hasn’t updated the fact that the new C2700 has the DA2 DAC pre installed. And unlike the previous DA1 DAC the DA2 supports USB DSD 512 playback. Now, I am fully aware it could be my issue but I’ve checked and rechecked my settings.

Thank you for looking into this.

Hi Brian. Welcome to the forum.

I think you will find that the culprit is that the source core is from the Apple Mac Mini.

Apple does not do DSD512 no matter what your DAC can process. It is limited to DSD 256.

There are numerous threads on the forum about this if you want to search a little further.


What??!! My Apple product doesn’t do everything in the world I need it to do??!!
Seriously, thank you. It seems a little silly I didn’t search hard enough to find such a simple answer but I will read through some threads on the issue.
Much appreciated.
Let the music play on………

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MacOS only does DoP not.native DSD.

As answered above, Mac is the culprit.

You need Windows, or a streamer that specifically supports native DSD512 playback of DA2.

The easiest and probably cheapest solution is to get one of those little all in one windows PCs that come loaded, about 150ish from Amazon. PM me and I’ll send a link to one.

Just load RoonBridge and the McIntosh drivers on it. Plug in the ethernet cable in, and then the USB out to the McIntosh. The device will show up in Roon as a network endpoint. Choose it. Set it up to DSD512 and enjoy the magic.

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