Roon, TIDAL and MQA

Software decoding? :heart_eyes:

no, from the album details, we will give you a link to performances of the track not only in your own library, but tidal too

its REALLY neat to see

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Bah humbug, I guess I can cancel my subscription again.

It’s more than just the desktop app.

Streaming these titles via our NAD & Bluesound products light up their MQA indicators!

I posted this in another post on this topic.
These MQA streams work perfectly in Roon


I added a bunch of the masters to my faves in the Tidal app and they do sync over to Roon and play just fine as MQA.


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should Roon not automatically pick the highest quality version?
I ripped this CD (AIFF) and this is also the version picked by Roon but the MQA version from Tidal is higher quality…

I have to think the new albums haven’t been synced to Roon yet? Just like new releases are delayed a bit.

Are you now able to talk about software decoding and if it will be available? Or have I missed you confirming in the past that it won’t be something Roon will be able to do?

Until we play them we can’t see in Roon that they are Masters, can we? Is that fixed in 1.3 @danny ?

I am tagging them for now until they can be properly ID’d.

No MQA for me, since I don’t have a ‘certified’ DAC. I’m not feeling too disappointed though - 192 albums after such a long wait - much of it probably not my preferred genres - so will just keep an eye on it for the future.

Great that Roon can deal with it already though.

Now, how did I know Beyonce would be in there…

There is a lot more than 192 albums at 24 bit now seems if Tidal has hires versions they are all available

The other issue is: allot of it is still the same brick wall compressed crap delivered in another format.

Which albums are you specifically talking about?

This is groundbreaking event, a shared moment for those of us with MQA de coders. I am listening to The Smiths in MQA, I never listen to The Smiths normally but I am enjoying it. I’m limited by my headphone quality but it does sound great. My sister ( A huge Smiths fan) would be proud of me, if she had a clue about all this…

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I don’t think so. There is no way they converted the master to MQA for every hires album in their library.

Tidal app lists 192 only.

All of the albums that were brick wall compressed before. The conversion to MQA doesn’t including remastering as far as I know, just conversion from the original high res masters.

Zac Brown Uncaged is a good example.

Of course conversion to MQA can be done with the remastering done badly. As can remastering at 192, DXD, DSD, Vinyl, or any other format. It’s nothing to do with MQA per se.

Anyway, this is off topic: I’m sure the @moderators will want us to keep discussing the TIDAL/Roon intersection rather than once more urinating on the MQA bonfire.