Roon Tidal login error

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dCS Bartok

Description Of Issue

Suddenly my Tidal connection through Roon doesn’t work. I can log in through Tidal app, so I know it’s not the problem of Tidal, but the connection from Roon is having an issue. As I tried to log into Tidal through Roon, it is rerouted to a web browser, and when I tried to log in there, I get an error message as below. Interestingly, on my other machine I cannot even log into the Roon community (same error message), while on this machine I am already logged in and can post this message. Both are MacMinis (2018 model).

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Hey @hgim82,

Thanks for the report, we are aware of this issue and trying to resolve this ASAP.


Problem with Qobuz too. No new releases - just says “no results”. A red box flashes up but disappears so quickly it is impossible to read what it is saying. And all Qobuz playlists are empty.

Tidal integration now fixed. Thanks. But still no Qobuz.

I spoke too soon about Tidal. Now getting “Unexpected error loading album. Please try again later. (Unauthorized)”

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Thanks, it’s working now. I jumped the gun too soon. You guys ROCK (pun intended)!

Problem solved. We should be good now. Thanks for patience

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Thanks team. All good here now in Blighty! Well done for sorting it so quickly.

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