Roon Tidal , Xiaomi Mibox , Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital , Active Yamaha

Hye guy’s
i stream from Roon (Tidal) direct to my xiaomi Mibox (recognised by Roon) as end point Google Cast
Then with an optical cable I send to my Pre Box S2 Digital (an MQA compatible DAC)
wich send to a pair of stereo active Yamaha loudspeakers .

The Sound is Lossless (Purple flag)

Roon displays FLAC 44.1 kHz 24 Bit 2 CH MQA 44.1 kHz for the audio file
But the DAC don’t seems to display MQA !

any Advices …

Does the S2 support MQA on the optical port? If it doesn’t you won’t see anything.

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MQA decoding only supported on it’s USB input.

So I tried to use the USB Port of the Pre Box
As the Mibox has only 1 USB Port
I connected an USB Hub 5 Port
One for the USB to RJ45 Adapter
One for the USB Out of the Pre Box
The MQA is not displayed in Mini Pre Box Screen

Can you show a photo of:

  1. Your S2 DAC screen when you are playing an MQA track.


  1. Screenshot of your Roon signal path when you are playing an MQA track.

There is resampling happening with your Google Cast device.

If the path from Roon to S2 DAC is not bit perfect, you won’t get MQA (or MQB) on the S2 DAC.

If you directly connect your S2 DAC to your Roon Core with USB cable, you will then see MQA or MQB on the S2 DAC.

So it is your Google Cast device that is doing something with the bit perfect playback (I think).

Funny I was listening to same album just now too hehe.

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Are you getting sound at all?

The Mibox website mentions only 1 digital audio output (SPDIF). It doesn’t mention USB audio output.

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OK my Roon Core is a NUC-RACK headless
I’m goin try to connect my S2 DAC in USB port to NUC-ROCK
and let you know
take care

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This will work 100%, as long as you have the correct settings in Roon.

If you set Roon to do the 1st MQA unfold, you will see MQB on the S2 DAC screen.

If you set Roon for the DAC to do the full MQA decode, then you will see MQA on it’s screen.

The MQB option is more stable though (let Roon do 1st unfold - MQA Core decoder).

I’m not aware of any Chromecast device with bit perfect USB audio output.

Bingo @dabassgoesboomboom

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Now wi have my S2 DAC Endpoint directly connected to the NUC-ROCK Core .
The S2 DAC Endpoint is working perfectly and in harmony with the Core .
But I heard it’s not a good idea to have a Core and an Endpoint in the same PC !
Any Comments ?

Najib, if to your ears it sounds well, as well or better than before, then never mind what others think about connecting a DAC to the Roon Core device. Let your ears take the decision if it works in your setting.

Yes it sounds perfect for me ,
But in fact my opinion is that a Core has to be Dedicated and headless to do it’s Job fully and flowlessly 24/7 .
What happened is that my S2 DAC , in the USB mode was not rendering me up MQA in other PC (Zotac) or TV Box (MiBox) but with the NUC-ROCK Yes