Roon to Qobuz - playlist integration

I listen to music at home via Roon, and to offline music stored on Qobuz iPhone app (the latter either in my car or whilst on holiday, mainly because Roon does not support offline listening).

I use playlists rather than downloading full albums. Unfortunately, there is no way to fully and easily replicate my Roon playlists to Qobuz. This is why…

After creating the playlists in Roon, I’ve exported them to Qobuz via Soundizz. Unfortunately, of the 200 tracks, only 40% were successfully transferred to Qobuz by Soundizz. Soundizz said it could not find 60% on Qobuz, which is ironic since it was the source of the music in the first place.

Does anyone have any ideas about how I can transfer or copy my Roon playlists, favourites and music onto my Qobuz playlists / app in order to also enjoy my Roon library no the road?

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I don’t create playlists in Roon, I create them in Qobuz. That way I have the option of playing them via Roon when at home and Qobuz when I am away.


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There are several feature requests on this re: Tidal playlist integration. You may want to add your support there (with the “Qobuz too” indication of course).

Every once in a while I get a hint that this might happen from Roon, but my confidence is low.

I now name my Tidal playlist with the word Tidal in the name, and my Roon playlists with Roon in the name. So then if I feel like working with a playlist in Roon, i filter on Roon. Ridiculous. I basically keep two disjointed lists of Playlists. Do keep in mind, when you “export” a playlist from Roon, it only exports tracks that are “IN” your Library. If you have a Qobuz track not in your library but in a playlist, it won’t be exported.

Hi Mark, that is exactly what I did for 8+ years before I joined Roon. I now have a Roon lifetime subscription so want to get a working solution that avoids dubble-handling in Roon and again in Qobuz. LIfe’s too short! :slight_smile:

Typically, one creates a playlist from the Roon library based on some focus criteria (e.g. 200 5-star songs). As you would know, this is a far more powerful way of creating Playlists compared with Qobuz‘s.

Question: Presuming that you’re not searching those 200 songs in Qobuz one by one and then creating a manual playlist in Qobuz, how would you recreate the Roon playlist (described above) in Qobuz with minimal effort?

You’re right, that makes no sense. I only create playlists from my Roon Library and only have music in there from Qobuz (so no iTunes, other subs or music on hard drive).

But even though this is nice and clean, Qobuz does not somehow recognise its own music during the reverse transfer from Roon via Soundizz.

Thanks for the suggestion re Support, will definitely do that.

Hello Johan, how do yo export your Roon playlist via Soundizz ? Cause I’m not finding that option… Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Martin, sorry for belated reply, I was away.

You need to select all tracks in playlist and then see export option under 3 dots. Then go to Soundizz and import the excel spreadsheet. However, the tracks must be in your library. See below.

Problem exporting playlist to Excel - Support - Roon Labs Community