Roon to Sonos Play1 - Sonos Bridge Required? [nope!]

Have been doing lots of reading to ascertain whether Roon 1.3 can stream directly to a Sonos Play1 or whether I require a Sonos Bridge.

Thanks for your help.

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Thanks, however that doesn’t explain whether a Sonos Bridge is or is not required.

I do have a Sonos Boost and all is working fine

though… I believe you need, as for any Sonos configuration without a Boost/Bridge, at least one wired Sonos element :wink:

Thank you, I was afraid I couldn’t just buy a single Play 1

Agreed, sorry for not mentioning that… You don’t need a Sonos Boost or Bridge, only indeed 1 wired Sonos speaker… If you don’t have one of them wired, you need indeed a Sonos Bridge. This is more related to the Sonos setup and less to the Roon setup.

@Tony_David_Cray, you can just buy 1 Sonos Play:1, but that doesn’t have a possibility for a wired connection, right? Better buy a Sonos Play:3 in that case (if you can spare the money).

Play:1s too do have ethernet connection :wink:

I appreciate the clarification JSE. Shame, as I like the form-factor of the play 1.

@Tony_David_Cray, I looked it up to be certain, and @pl_svn is right :slight_smile:
The Sonos Play:1 has an ethernet connection for a wired network connection

So, it should be possible with just a network cable to connect the Sonos Play:1 to your network.

Thanks JSE, the unit would unfortunately be out of Cat5 range, so wireless is the only option.

If you want to use the Sonos Bridge to make all Sonos devices for now and in the future connect, search on second-hand websites in your country. There are a lot of them available for very low prices (as most people are not needing them anymore), as low as $5 :slight_smile:

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Are you shure about this? Because Sonos did get a possibility to direct connect to WIFI a while ago.

@Tony_David_Cray, maybe worth trying it out, like Jonas explained.
If you don’t like it or it doesn’t work, you can always add a bridge or return then Play:1 :slight_smile:

With a single Play 1 you have to connect to router for initial setup but you can then opt for wifi only after that in the setup routine.

even if everything works also without… a Bridge/Boost takes a lot of burden out of your wi-fi so… :wink:
a second hand Bridge is very cheap and helps indeed

Nothing better as a wired connection, if you ask me, but that is not always possible :slight_smile:
Bathroom, Attic, Garage, Backyard-shed, etc…

You don’t need a bridge. I have a play:1 working here using wifi with no other Sonos gear powered on, and have never had a bridge.

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Just to add to brian’s reply here, in general we use the same mechanism to control Sonos devices that the official apps do. You will need Bridge/etc devices under all the same circumstances that you would with the official app.

Thank you for all your information and thoughts. Based on your advice, I will grab a Play 1 this afternoon and let you know my experience.

Well, great news.

Picked up a Play 1 this afternoon, and using the Sonos App, I was able to set up the Play to join my chosen Wifi Network ( dedicated Music Streaming router ). Then Roon saw the unit and appears to be very happy to stream directly.

Grateful to you all for your help. This is a surprise present for my girl and she will be most happy.