Roon to Sonos: Will Roon downsample high resolution flac files?

I have discovered that Sonos does not support flac files with a sample rate of 96K and higher.

Some of my source files, for example from, are 96K and higher.

The Sonos app will not play them. Via a pure Sonos environment, the only way I can play them is to downsample them (a chore I would like to avoid)

(Why the freaking Sonos app or hardware doesn’t just do the downsampling and play the file is… a question for some closed minded product managers, I suppose…)

The question: If I use Roon to feed to the Sonos speakers, is Roon smart enough to do the downsampling… so everything “just works” ?

In short: yes. Here’s Roon playing a 96/24 track to a Sonos Move:

Perfect response. Thank you!

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