Roon to Vortexbox

I’m using Roon version 1.2 on a Dell PC with 64 bit Windows 10. My music library is stored on Vortexbox, which is connected to the Dell PC (in a different room) via my home network. Roon connects to VBox fine and I can play VBox files on the sound system connected to the Dell PC.

I want to use Roon to play files directly from VBox to the sound system that is connected to VBox. This works fine when I’m using LMS, but not Roon.

I’ve downloaded RoonBridge but VBox does not appear as an option in Settings > Audio > Networked. Is there a way to achieve this?

Charles Taylor

Is the Vortexbox running LMS or acting as an LMS endpdoint. If it is the second, you can turn on Squeezebox Compatibility in the Roon settings and see if Roon sees it as a Squeezebox endpoint. Assuming of course you have turned off LMS on your network.

Thanks for your help. I’m pretty sure Vortexbox is running LMS. LMS is started from inside the VBox webGUI and I don’t see LMS on the network, only VBox.

If you are using current versions of VortexBox then LMS is outputting to SqueezeLite locally. Roon should see SqueezeLite as available audio output under networks. However, it will not see it if LMS is running on VortexBox or any other computer on the network. You have to shut down all instances of LMS first. I don’t recall if you can shut down LMS in VortexBox without also shutting down SqueezeLite.

I’ve shut down LMS, but there’s still no sign of VBox or SqueezLite as an available audio output. Squeezbox Support is enabled in Setup.

without LMS running in VB, squeezelite may not be running either. You can likely install squeezelite separately in the VB. I haven’t tried, but for install see some links on this thread:

Don’t know if this will help (and you may very well be the poster at the VB forums anyhow).

Version of Vortexbox? I have tested this on 2.4 and it works fine even with squeezeboxserver stopped and disabled.

It’s version 2.3. Did Vortexbox or Squeezebox just appear automatically as an available audio outlet or did you have to do something to get to that point? Thanks for help.

2.3 is 32 bit and 2.4 64 bit. I don’t know if this would make any difference. In any case as long as your VBA is 64 bit capable you could try installing Vortexboxbox 2.4.

In my case it just appeared as an audio output with roon bridge installed.