Roon track timer/track info not working properly on any devices [RESOLVED]

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon ROCK 1.7 build 528 running on Intel NUC

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

ROCK through Sonore UPnP Bridge to Naim NDS. All devices hardwired ethernet (no wifi anywhere in the signal chain). Roon connected to library on Synology NAS and also logged into TIDAL. Eero mesh router.

Description Of Issue
The field at the bottom of Roon Remote which includes the track timer and the buttons to skip forward or back is not working. I can play a track, and I get audio out of my hifi kit, but the track timer never moves while the music is playing. If I drag the track timer cursor to the right to advance farther into the track, the music will skip to that point, but the track timer still doesn’t move; it continues to display the time to which I’ve skipped and doesn’t count upward with the seconds as the track plays.

Furthermore, I’m seeing strange behavior with the skip forward/skip backward buttons in the same field. If I skip forward to the next track, the next track will play through the hifi, but the display on the Roon Remote continues to display the name of the track I was playing before skipping to the next track. In other words, the display doesn’t update to the name of the track that is actually playing. Oh, and the timer on the track still sits stationary at 0:00.

Finally, Roon will stop playing all together when in the middle of a track. For example, I was playing the Beck Song Reader album (via Tidal) and while trouble shooting the track timer issue I skipped from track 2 to track 3. It played track 3 (with the issues described above regarding the track timer not working and the display not updating to display the actual track playing, so the display was still showing track 2 as playing) but then only played track 3 for about 30 seconds and then stopping by itself.

Things were working perfectly last night. This behavior is new this AM.

The issue with the track timer and skip buttons occurs both with Tidal tracks and tracks on my local library (NAS).

The track timer/skip button issue is present on all of my remotes: MacOS, iOS (including all phones and ipads).

The issue with the track stopping playing spontaneously appears to only occur with Tidal tracks. I’m playing an album off of my NAS at the moment and it hasn’t stopped. Maybe there are two issues going on? The track timer/skip button issue is a Roon issue, but the Tidal track stopping issue might be a Tidal problem?

I have restarted my router/mesh network twice. I have both restarted and rebooted my ROCK NUC. I have restarted my Sonore UPnP device. I have restarted the Naim NDS.

Any help would be appreciated.

Update: The track spontaneously stopping just happened while playing a local track off of my NAS, not Tidal. So I think that eliminates Tidal as being part of the issue.

Edit: The issue is fixed. I restarted the network switch to which all of my devices are wired (Cisco 2960G in unmanaged mode) and now the track timer and button issue has resolved. Weird; I didn’t think that would work but it did. Hope this helps someone else if they ever encounter this issue.

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