Roon Translation: Unfolding (MQA)

I was wondering if the word “unfolding” in the MQA unfolding process is a fixed vocabulary, that should be kept as an english word in other languages. Does anyone has further information regarding localized MQA vocabulary?

My question was actually referring to translating MQA technical terms from English to other languages. I was googling for it already, but could not find any consistent translation option (in this case for unfolding). In some cases it was translated, but put in quotation marks. To me this already indicated some level of uncertainty about how these terms should be used in other languages.

Your guide will be if they have copyrighted the word or specifically used it to describe the process in their patent applications. If they have I presume you leave the word in English.

The way it is used with respect to MQA is highly specific to MQA–it’s not a generic term with generic meaning in audio processing. IMO, leave it untranslated.

Thanks Brian.
I just kept these terms now as you suggested.